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Subject: Mustel family of Lincolnshire
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 09:57:48 -0700 (PDT)

On a recent thread about the Wannerville family of Hemsworth, Yorks,
we have seen that Adam de Wannerville and Andrew de Halton alias de
Tirington were the sons of Margaret and Emma de Tirington.

We have also seen that Margaret and Emma and a third sister, Alice de
Scapwyk, sometime wife of Jordan de Assheby, were the coheirs of
Sabina Mustel, daughter of Thomas Mustel. Sabina's IPM dates from 22
Edward I, by which time Margaret and Emma were both already dead. The
IPM does not state how Sabina was related to the three sisters.

According to the entry in 'Knights of Edward I' for Thomas Mustel,
Sabina was his heir by 1288, when she held overlordships in

There is an interesting pedigree in "The Book of Saint
Gilbert" (Foreville & Keir, OUP, 1987, p xvii) for the Mustel family,
showing their relationship to St Gilbert of Sempringham:

1. Jocelyn a "Norman knight"; married "an English lady"; issue:

2a. Roger
2b. Gilbert, died 1189
2c. Agnes, married Hugh Mustel [NB the chart incorrectly states Hugh
was Gilbert's brother, but the text makes it clear that he was married
to Gilbert's sister]. Issue:

3a. Roger Mustel, ff 1150-1178 - see below
3b. Hugh Mustel, ff 1139-late Henry II
3c. William Mustel of West Torrington [ie 'Tirington'], ff 1160-1175

3a. Roger Mustel left issue:

4a. (daughter), a nun at Sixhills priory
4b. (daughter), a nun at Sixhills
4c. William Mustel, ff c1160; dead by 1200; married Emma; left issue:

5a. Geoffrey Mustel, ff late 12th century - see below
5b. Thomas Mustel [the elder], ff early 13th century

5a. Geoffrey Mustel was father of:

6. Thomas Mustel the younger, of West Torrington, ff 1242-1256

This family held the Mustel fee in 'Tirington' of the honour of Bayeux
- which afterwards passed to Adam de Wannerville and Andrew de Halton.


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