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From: Douglas Richardson <>
Subject: Re: C.P. Addition: Marriage Date of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, and Jacobe/Jaque of Hainault
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 19:51:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Newsgroup ~

One of the newsgroup's more enthuasiastic posters has expressed doubts
that a record I cited in my earlier post was actually contemporary to
Jaque of Bavaria, first wife of Humphrey of Lancaster, Duke of
Gloucester. The answer is yes, it is. The source I cited was
Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of England, volume 4,
pages 334-335.

Below are the weblinks to that source:,M1,M1

This item is a transcript of an original letter written in 1436 by
King Henry VI of England addressed to his "kinswoman" and "godmother,"
namely "Jaque ducesse de Holande and Zelande."

References to the same letter may be found in the introduction to this

As noted by the editor, Mr. Nicolas, on page 334, Duchess/Countess
Jaque died later the same year.

My file notes likewise indicate that there is an order issued by King
Henry VI's father, King Henry V of England, dated 1421, in which
reference is made to "Dame Jake, Duchesse de Holand." In this order,
Duchess Jaque is styled "Treschere & Tresamee Cousine" (that is, very
dear and beloved kinswoman) [Reference: Rymer, Foedera 10 (1727):
134]. This document is in French.

This record may be found at the following weblink:,M1

Go to page 134.

Our enthusiastic poster has expressed doubts that Duke Humphrey's
wife, Jaque, was ever styled Duchess of Holland by her
contemporaries. Yet I have cited not one but two instances of Jaque
being styled "Duchess of Holland" in such records.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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