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From: Nathaniel Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Another question
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 22:20:41 -0400
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> Dear Newsgroup,
> I would like to thank those who answered my query this morning
> regarding Oxford Journals. They know who they are.
> I now have another question to which I have been unable to find any
> answer, and I am very much hoping that once again somebody may have a
> suggestion.
> Sometime back I was doing a Google Book Search under the name
> "William Kirton", and I came across a most intriguing entry:-
> "Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts"
> by Great Britain Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts -
> Manuscripts - 1979
> Page 341
> "John Kirton of Keeth (sic, COULD it be Reeth?), (1199). Elizabeth
> wife of the said John...
> William Kirton of the same place, (1205). Ellinor, wife of the said
> William Kirton, ..."
> I have searched high and low for the rest of this reference, but have
> been unable to find anything. I checked with the National Archives,
> and obtained a printout of the "Historical Manuscript Commission:
> Reports and Calendars", according to which there were reports as
> follows: 25th. Report in 1967, and a 26th. Report in 1983. (i.e.
> nothing in 1979)
> However by doing a book search I found two libraries which claimed to
> have copies of this 1979 report: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in
> Holland. And that possibly Oxford and Glasgow Universities MAY both
> have copies.
> Then I found on a Google search something which says that I should be
> looking for: "Page 205 of the 9th. Report of the Royal Commission of
> Historical Manuscripts, Part III... KR AUS REPRINT Nendeln /
> Liechtenstein [C 3773-fl.] 1979 IBSN 3262012149"
> With an IBSN number I should be able to find something, but I can
> find nothing !?!

The google books reference is more specific: it is from the 9th Report
of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Part II. This was
published in 1883. The original series "___ Report of the Royal
Commission on Historical Manuscripts" began with the first report in
1870 and continued through at least 28 numbered reports (plus many, many
other publications under individual titles, by the Royal Commission as
corporate author). These are in major university libraries (the google
hit you got is from Harvard's copy of volume 9). These early vols.
(1-9) are important because each volume has an appendix on manucripts
(including charters) in various private collections. Vols. 1-9 were
reprinted by Kraus in the 1970s; there is also a microfiche edition.

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