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From: Doug <>
Subject: Re: Anne Greystoke/Thomas Ashton marriage
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 07:18:37 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 20, 9:55 am, Kathy <> wrote:
> Hi Doug,
>   I searched for the first text, and found it, nothing specific on
> Thomas Ashtons marriage in the pages you indicated, but will go
> further and read whole thing, I really love the history of it all, and
> in reading that little bit in there, there is a lot of information
> regarding other family lines associated with Ashton.  My lineage
> traces through the Booths, which popped right out for me first thing,
> so will keep trucking along reading it.
> I came across an interesting site yesterday while searching, which
> indicated that Thomas Ashton was married 4 times. First to Elizabeth
> Staverly circa 1471, 2nd to Anne Greystoke in 1482, 3rd to Agnes
> Harrington circa 1497, and lastly to Joan Manwairing in 1512.  This
> info came from the following site:
> Had a passage that went along with it, as well as a beautiful stained
> glass picture, which they say indicated a possibility that Thomas had
> a total of about 11 children.
> ____
> Thank you so much for recommending those books.  I have been reading
> that book the County Families of Lancashire and Cheshire, and find
> that it will be an absolutely wonderful source for my family lines
> from that time period.  Maybe I am a beginner and have a lot to learn,
> but it fascinates me to bring myself back to those times and places
> and imagine what it was like to live then, and try to bring them alive
> again for people in my family who look at what I write for them.
> Maybe that is a big part of the genealogy bug so to speak.  Already my
> family is a little amazed at some of the facts and people that I've
> found in our family lines, but I find myself wanting to keep going and
> keep learning.
> From what I've read in here, I see that many of you are professionals,
> something I don't claim to be whatsoever at this point in my life, but
> I have many years left to do that.
> So I will stop blabbering a bit :) and go back to researching.
> Thanks, and if there are any other ideas please let me know.
> Kathy

Good work! Enjoy.

Doug Smith

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