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Subject: English Immigrant to America Thomas Skinner(Deac), 1645-1722 m. Mary Pratt,1643-1704
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 08:29:04 -0700 (PDT)

Seeking help finding/verifying ancesotrs of English Immigrant to
Thomas Skinner(Deac),1645-1722 m. Mary Pratt,1643-1704, and his
parents [see below]:


According to:

Genealogies of CT Families Vol 3; Painter-Wylie Selected and
Introduced by Gary Boyd Roberts with index by Eleanor Antoniak.

Thomas Skinner(Deac)_______________Mary Pratt
b.25 Jul 1645,SubdeaneryParish, b.30 Sep 1643, Charlestown,
Chickester, England Suffolk, MA
married: 1665/66, Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
d.26 Mar 1722/23,Colchester, d.26 Mar 1704, Colchester,
New London, CT New London, CT



Thomas SKINNER (Deac *)
•Birth: 25 JUL 1645, SubdeaneryParish,Chichester,,England
•Christening: 25 JUL 1645, SubdeaneryParish,Chichester,West
•Death: 26 MAR 1722/1723, Colchester,New London,CT
•Reference: 128
Father: Thomas SKINNER
Mother: Mary ? GODDEN

Family 1: Mary PRATT
•Marriage: 1665/1666, Charlestown,Middlesex,MA
2.Thomas SKINNER
3.Abraham SKINNER
5.Richard SKINNER
6.Hannah SKINNER
7.Joseph SKINNER
8.Benjamin SKINNER
9.Ebenezer SKINNER
10.Nathaniel SKINNER
11.Abigail SKINNER

•Birth: 30 SEP 1643, Charlestown,Suffolk,MA
•Christening: 30 SEP 1643
•Death: 26 MAR 1704, Colchester,New London,CT
•Reference: 129
Mother: Mary -

Notes: Thomas Skinner
!.....Meredith. "Coshecton Co., OH Cemeteries. (nd). OGS Microfilm #M
!.....Wahl, Doris Seymour. The Skinner Kinsmen, The Descendants of
Joseph and Martha (Kinne) Skinner. Niagra Falls, NY. n.d. page 6: bp.
Subdeanery Parish, Chichester, England, July 25, 1645, d. probably in
Colchester, Conn., between 1722 and 1732. He m. Colchester, Conn.,
Mary Pratt, b. Sept. 9 or 30, 1643, dau. Richard and Mary Pratt of
Charlestown, Mass. (They had come from Malden, Essex County, England).
She d. in Colchester, Conn., Mar. 26, 1704. They removed from Malden,
Mass., to Colchester, Conn., about 1700, where Thomas was one of the
original proprietors of Colchester. His sons, Abraham and John had
already removed to Taunton, Mass., and with the parents went Richard,
Benjamin, Ebenezer, Nathaniel and Abigail. Thomas Skinner held various
town offices and served on important committees during his residence
in Colchester. He and his son Benjamin were granted lots Jan. 21,
1702, and in May 1702, he drew his house lot. The diary of this Thomas
has been preserved and gives many interesting details of family

!.....E89.0422.01,02 Naber m. 1665 Malden, Middlesex, MA. Pratt
Directory, Jane Pratt Lovelace; Genealogy Dictionary of the First
Settlers of New England, James Savage; The Skinner Kinsmen, The
Descendants of John Skinner of Hartford, CT.

!.....E94.0603.02e-i SKU 11(4):67 Bohme, Myrtle S references:
Genealogies of CT Families Vol 3; Painter-Wylie Selected and
Introduced by Gary Boyd Roberts with index by Eleanor Antoniak. Balt.
Gen Pub. 1983. Lt. John Skinner of the Continental Army by Zoeth
Skinner Elderedge Esq. of San Francisco, CA

!.....SKU 15(4)117 DeLano, Phyllis lineage (11/96) Immigrated with
parents Sgt. Thomas & Mary Gooden and brother Abraham from Chichester,
England, to Malden, MA. Removed from Malden, MA to Colchester, New
London, CT c1700. Freeman, constable, Way Warden. Kept a diary -
preserved. Built meeting house, Colchester, CT; Original proprietor of
Colchester; He and son Bemjamin drew house lots 1702.
!.....SKU 16(3)73 Tinney, Bill & Cynthia (3/98) desc chart
!.....Skinner, Richard A GEDCOM (6/96)
!.....SKU 17(1)2 E98.1025.06 Barger, William (10/96) fgs
!.....Mc Keon, Tim (6/98)
!.....E97.0103.01 SKU 18(3)83 Skinner, David A Thomas, the eldest son
of Sgt. Thomas and Mary SKINNER, was born in England, July 25, 1645,
died in Colchester, Connecticut, March 26, 1704 [incorrect as this is
the death year of father SFA]. He was but a child when brought to
America by his parents. His early and middle life was spent in Malden,
but he later joined the emigration to Connecticut, becoming one of the
original proprietors of Colchester shortly after the year 1700. He
married Mary pratt, born September 9, (or 30) 1643, in England,
daughter of Richard and mary PRATT, who came from England and settled
in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Children were all born in Malden.

Notes: Mary Pratt

!.....E94.0603.02d Bohme, Myrtle S References: NEHGR Vol 53 1899;
West, Dorothy B. Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA/Descendants; Cory.
History of Malden.
!.....SKU 15(4)117 DeLano, Phyllis lineage (11/96) Immigrated from
Malden, Essex, England
!.....SKU 17(1)2 E98.1025.07 Barger, William (10/96) fgs b Malden,
Essex, England
!.....Joyce Johnson (12/99) Ancestral Records and
Genealogical Notes of the Cilley, Hunt, Skinner and Allied Family
Lines. CS 69 B3 1925 a gen Compiled by Marion Libbie, Cilly Bailey Ann
Gridley Chapter DAR Hillsdale, Michigan 1925 I. Abraham Pratt
Chyrurgeon, He and his wife were both lost at sea, near Cales (Cadez)
on the coast of Spain, with Capt. Castmore, 1644. II. Richard bp 29
June 1615 m. Mary - Res. Malden, Essex, England Ch: 1. Mary bp. 7
September 1643 d. 26 March 1704 married Thomas Skinner; 2. Thomas
Pratt b. 5 March 1646; 3. Mercy Pratt b. 15 June 1650; 4. John Pratt
b. 1655; 5. Elizabeth Pratt married Gershom Hawks; 6. Martha Pratt; 7.
Hannah Pratt married Joseph Hovey


Thomas Skinner(Sgt)________________Mary ? Godden(Gooden)(Goodwin)
b.1617,Chichester,Sussex,England b.abt. 1620/27, Essex,
married: before 1645, England
d. 2 Mar 1703, Malden d. 9 Apr 1671, Malden,
Middlesex, MA Middlesex, MA



Thomas SKINNER (Sgt)
•Birth: 1617, Chichester,Sussex,England
•Death: 2 MAR 1703
Family 1: Mary Gooden \ GOODWIN
•Marriage: England
1.Thomas SKINNER
2.Abraham SKINNER

Notes: Thomas Skinner
!.....Skinner, David A GEDCOM 1/97 Town Consable, Ran Tavern BAPM PLAC
Puritan Church He was born in the year of 1617. In approximately 1650,
he arrived in America from England with his wife Mary and his two
sons, Thomas Jr. and Abraham. The family's arrival in America was
about 30 years after the arrival of the Mayflower, and about the s The
family settled in Malden, Mass. He was the town constable and, at his
neighbors request, for a time ran the town "Ordinary." This is a
tavern where travelers could be boarded and the purchase of "strong
waters" and wine was possible. Thomas was not... ...n. This position
carried alot of authority. While in Malden, Mary his wife died. He
married a Lydia Shepardson (herself a widow) and thus another line of
Skinners can trace their history back to him. The Howard Skinner line
traces their line through the first son, Thomas, who is also known as
Deacon Thomas. The family, at this point where Purtian in their faith
and practice.
3501 Jewell, Hutchinson, KS 67502

Mary ? GODDEN (?)
•Birth: ABT 1620/1627, ,Essex,England
•Death: 9 APR 1671, Malden,Middlesex,MA
•Burial: 1671, Malden,Middlesex,MA
•Reference: 1537
Father: William GOODEN

Family 1: Thomas SKINNER
•Marriage: BEF 1645, England,,ENG
1.Thomas SKINNER
3.Abraham SKINNER

Notes: Mary ? Godden(Gooden)(Goodwin)
According to the book, The History of Malden, Massachusetts
1633-1785, by Deloraine Pendre COREY, copyright 1898, page 600, is
factual information that Mary?s father was William GODDEN, also
spelled GOODEN and later GOODWIN. This information is documented by
Middlesex County Court Files, 1666, xv.4, and Middlesex Probate files.
!.....SKU 15(4)117 DeLano, Phyllis lineage (11/96) Mary, parent Wm
GODDEN birth ca 1621, Essex, England

Volume 1 Number 2
Fall 1984
The Skinner Family Association

Does anyone know, or have an idea, where the title of Sergeant in the
name of immigrant Thomas Skinner of Malden Is from?
Many sources add the Sergeant, but there Is no mention whence it came.
Mr. Skinner believes that Thomas of Malden was possibly in Cromwell's
army before emigrating to the New World.

by John B. Skinner, III
Sergeant Thomas Skinner was born in England in 1617. His three
children were born in Chichester, England. My friend Jessie L. Fraser,
while touring in England, visited Chichester and found a John Skinner
buried there. Evidently some of the line stayed. I have given some
thought and speculation to the title Sergeant in Thomas' name and have
come to the conclusion that he must have been a sergeant in Cromwell's
army as the dates are in order. As he came to this country circa 1650
strengthens this conclusion. Cromwell was out of power then and his
followers were in ill favor. Thomas was an innkeeper as was Daniel. It
is recorded that he (Thomas) obtained a license to sell strong waters
in Malden, Massachusetts.



An update on the search for Thomas I Skinner of Malden, MA, our
immigrant ancestor.
Back in Vol 1 No 1 of the SKINNER KINSMEN UPDATE, we started on a
quest for Thomas I. Specifically, from where in England did he
actually come? We proposed the possibility of Thomas I actually being
a native of Essex County rather than Sussex. Early records of
Massachusetts state that he originally came from 'Chichester, County
Sussex, England.' The only proof of this that we have is the baptismal
record of his son John (2) in North Mundham.
Somewhere along the line, I got myself into the LDS CFI for Essex Co.
in researching one of my allied lines (Cornell). While in Essex, I
went ahead to Skinners. And there it was! A baptismal record for
Thomas Skinner. The only problem was that the date was 6 April 1618,
and we ALL know that Thomas I was born in 1617. Well, that's only one
year off. So, in Summer's newsletter I wrote "Is this OUR Thomas?""It
was sworn in a document that Thomas I was seen in old Malden, County
Essex, England, by persons in Malden, MA. There is a possibility that
there may be something in Colchester, Essex and that somehow it was
recorded in New England as Chichester." Well, at least we're in Essex
Co. According to the LDS record, This particular Thomas was baptized
in Debden, Essex, England, son of John Skinner.. In 1631 we have a
will for one John Skinner, yeoman. Could this be the father of our
Thomas? Could it at least be the father of Thomas of Debden? We have
written to Essex Records Office, Chelmsford for a copy. The latest
update on the will: the will of John Skinner, yeoman. He did have a
son Thomas.. .The will is written in Old English Script...he had two
sons, one Thomas and the other, possibly Johnny and that his wife's
name may have been Elinor or Honor or something like that. Thomas I,
based on the assumption of. John B. Skinner (see "The Skinners,"
elsewhere in this issue) being a Sergeant in Cromwell's army and in
ill favor, tried to cover his tracks in England and gave altered
information in the Colonies?

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