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Subject: RE: Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, his will?
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Hi Tom,

I don't know how everyone posts their replies at the end of messages, and I realise that's seems to be the
norm here, rather than top posting, but this is just to say many thanks for your efforts in the summary
extraction of the will of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex. Much appreciated.
Kind regards, Yvonne Purdy

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On Dec 10, 7:47 am, "YvonnePurdy" <>
> Many thanks, Will, for the link to Thomas Cromwell's will.  I was hoping to find a reference to Jane,
> supposedly a base born daughter to Thomas Cromwell, who married William Houghe in Cheshire.  Their daughter
> Alice Houghe married William Whitmore of Leighton.  I've seen a couple of statements that Jane was the base
> born daughter of Thomas, but no definite references.  The IGI entry for Jane Cromwell, abt. 1538, Leighton,
> Cheshire, is member submitted.  Does anyone have anything which might support or disprove Jane's parentage?
> Yvonne Purdy
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> You can try this
> _
> h+Books_
> (
> I can't say what you'll see, but I see several references to his will
> including the one I posted which lays it out in full evidently.
> OR just use super proxy !
> Apparently your net-nannies are censoring your view ;)
> Will Johnson
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Hi Folks,
I'm in Ireland, and using Proxify I can get many of the things that
would not come through without it. For those having trouble getting
through, here is a mini-summary.

from: 'History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of
p. 114-121
The Will of Thomas Cromwell - 1529

his son, Gregory Cromwell.
his sister, Elizabeth, [wife of William Wellyfed].
his sister, Katherine.
his late wife's sister, Joan, wife of John Williamson [or
his nephew, Richard Willyams, [servant with my Lord Marquess
his nephew, Christopher Wellyfed
his nephew, William Wellyfed, the younger.
his niece, Alice Wellyfed.
his sister, Anne.
his sister, Grace.
his nephew, Walter Willyams.
his mother-in-law, Mercy Prior.
his brother-in-law, William Wellyfed.
his brother-in-law, John Willyams.
his niece, Joan, daughter of Joan and John Willyams.
his servant, Ralph Sadler.
his servant, Hugh Whalley.
his sometime servant, Stephen Vaughan.
his servant, Page, aka, John De Pount.
his sometime servant, Elizabeth Gregory.
his daughter Grace.
his cousin, Richard Williams.
several lesser bequests added after his signature:

Executors: Stephen Vaughan, Ralph Sadler, John Willyams.
Overseer: Roger More.

oddly, on page 119, Cromwell calls Elizabeth, wife of William
Wellyfed, his only sister, yet on page 116 he describes Elizabeth and
Katherine as 'his own sisters'.

Tom Dunn, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, Ireland

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