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From: "Don Moody" <>
Subject: Re: Newsdemon providing free genealogy newsgroups access
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 18:07:17 -0000
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"Ian Goddard" <> wrote in message
> MagicMike68 wrote:
>> On Jan 10, 6:58 am, "Don Moody" <> wrote:
>>> <> wrote in message
>>> news:...
>>>> Hey guys I just thought I would let you know is
>>>> providing free nntp access to genealogy newsgroups.
>>> Yet another attempted con.
>>> Don
>> Can you not read? Is this really so hard?
>> NNTP server information, login and password are PROVIDED on their
>> page. You do not have to submit your name anywhere...
>> Here is the quote from the page: "Use the server info below to
>> access
>> Genealogy Newsgroups through the FREE public access
>> news
>> server"
>> Then they list the login and password. Never does it take you to a
>> sign up page. Sheesh.... you lead some people to water and they
>> pee
>> in it.
> But will you get free *posting* access? From their T&Cs:"Posting
> ability is a privilege, not a right. Newsdemon does not immediately
> grant posting privelages to new members. You must apply for posting
> access."
> So if you simply access through the free account would this
> privilege (or privelage!) be granted?
> When lead to water some of us check the water quality.

Maybe these con artists have something wrong in their waters in
Anderson. SC. US which is where Technologies K&L are to be found.
Maybe Simon Wallace and magic Mike are sock puppets thereof. Maybe the
clowns don't even realise that by using 'newsdemon' they could be
implying some connection with a UK ISP, or maybe they do realise that
and it is part of the con.


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