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On Jan 15, 1:20 pm, "~Bret
> Generation Six
> St. Gondulfus
> Born in 524
> Died on July 6, 607.
> St. Gondulfus was Bishop of Tongres (consecrated in 599), Governor of
> Marseilles in 581 and Mayor of the Palace to Theibert (I).
> St. Gondulfus is almost certainly the father of Duke Bodegisil (II);
> see F.L. Weis, Ancestral Roots, Baltimore, 1999, 190-6. Other earlier
> works including George Andrews Moriarty: The Plantagenet Ancestry of
> King Edward III and Queen Philippa, Mormon Pioneer Genealogical
> Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1985, pages 5 and 241, show St.
> Gondulfus' brother Duke Bodegisil (I) as the father of Duke Bodegisil
> (II).
> While it may seem strange to us to-day for a "saint" and a "bishop" to
> have had children, this was not the case in early mediæval times.
> Married clergy were the rule rather than the exception until Gregorian
> reforms of the 11th century. By the late middle ages, there were
> virtually no married clergy.
> St. Gondulfus was a political figure; he was Governor of Marseilles
> and Mayor of the Palace and was not consecrated until quite an old man
> in 599. As well, it was very unusual among the early Franks for a son
> to have the same name as his father as would be the case if Bodegisil
> (I) had been the father of Bodegisil (II). The same name was used to
> indicate a close kinship such as the uncle and nephew relationship
> here.
> St. Gondulfus had a son:
>         •     Duke Bodegisil (II)
> Generation Seven
> Duke Bodegisil (II) was the Governor of Aquitane.
> Killed in 588
> Duke Bodegisil (II) married Oda, a Suevian and they had a son:
>         •     Arnoself

Yes... but.
The origins of Arnulf (bishop of Metz etc) are unknown
Later works appear to make an attempt to glorify the ancestry of
Charlemagne by giving him a descent from the Merovingians, but these
are faulty and conflicted.

Will Johnson

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