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From: "Leo" <>
Subject: Fw: Fw: Simon Linde of New England was really Simon van der Linde
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 10:50:07 +1000

Dear Will,

You have to be precise. When you say whether the Dutch use Enoch or not, YOU
mean in the Bible.
Joost and I, as this is a genealogical forum, do not................and so
forget about the bible in this regard.

I have sent a message, which still doesn't seem to have arrived on Gen-Med,
where I say that on Genealogics the name Enoch appears 18 times, and one is
definitely Dutch being born and died in Middelburg, another one could be of
Dutch origins but lived in "New Amsterdam" and is an ancestor of Barack

I know there are English speaking people (even in America?) who like to use
English equivalents of first names, and it appears you think that the Dutch
are eager to have Dutch equivalents for first names, but guess what? The
Dutch don't.

With best wishes
Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia

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Subject: Re: Fw: Simon Linde of New England was really Simon van der Linde

On May 29, 5:29 pm, "Leo" <> wrote:
> Dear Will,
> Are you implying that the biblical event involving Enoch took place in The
> Netherlands?
> Can you provide Chapter and Verse? :-)
> Leo van de Pas

Yes that's what I'm implying.
Now stay right there Leo, because someone is on their way to escort
you to Happy Acres Recuperation Center.

Perhaps someone who isn't clinically insane, could simply obey me, and
quote the passage so we can see if they use the name Enoch in Dutch or

Will "Resistance is futile" Johnson

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