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Subject: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Simon Linde of New England was really Simon vander Linde
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 22:16:18 +1000

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On May 29, 7:24 pm, "Leo" <> wrote:
> ========== Not a court trial, just to point out you were not fair to
> Joost.
> I do not see why the bible is the obvious place to look. Nor why Enoch van
> der Linde's name MUST come out of the bible.
> Enoch de la Quieille was a rich merchant who bailed out Enoch van der
> Linde's father, preventing him from going bankrupt and in gratitude young
> Enoch was named after him, with no bible in sight......................

Leo can we leave Joost out of this?
My question or point has NOTHING to do with Joost whatsoever.
Nothing. Not one thing. Not any thing. K?

Leo Enoch was named for Enoch who was named for Enoch who was named
for Enoch. Back in the 14th, 13th, 11th or 4th century... the FIRST
Enoch was named for the Biblical figure.

Ok? Are you suggesting that the name "Enoch" spontaneously generated
in Flemish families independently? With no pre-existence? Because if
you are *not*, then you have to agree that the FIRST Enoch had to come
from something. Not just a random jungle of letters pulled from a
----------Who asked about the original origin of the name? Nobody, you are
throwing that in. WHY he was called Enoch (and by he I mean Enoch van der
Linde) that is the question. Was it plucked out of the bible there and then
as you claim, or was it plucked from a grandfather or someone who helped the
family? You don't know and it is rediculous to speculate.

So claiming that this Enoch was named for his uncle or cousin or
grandfather, doesn't solve anything. Because *that* Enoch has the
same problem. Where did *his* name came from? Rinse and repeat.


You need to be rinsed, you are blowing the whole thing far out of
proportion. Joost said he had not heard of the name Enoch in the
Netherlands, you say you look into the bible that will tell you that the
name Enoch is known in The Netherlands and comes from the
bible.............SO WHAT? What has the original origin of a name got to do
with the fact that a name out of the bible appears in The Netherlands? You
are throwing the bible at us, whereas Enoch van der Linden's _reason_ for
having that name may not have anything to do with the Bible............
even if the original origin of the name may be the bible.

Enoch's name may have been given BECAUSE of a grandfather and not because of
the bible. If the grandfather's name would have have been Jackson he would
have been Jackson van der Linde.

With best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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