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From: Christopher Ingham <>
Subject: Re: Anne Jaroslawna
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 12:48:07 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 12, 2:45 pm, "David Railton" <>
> I have no idea what system of name rendition produces "Anne Jaroslawna". In
> my ancestral search I get back to King Henry I of France and I see this name
> as his wife and frequently spelt this way when I put it into a search
> engine.
> I see references to her being the daughter of Olaf Skotkonung III but who
> was Olaf's mother? One reference I have seen says it was Sigrid Sterrada
> Skoglarsdotter, another mentions Swietoslava of Poland. Yet another source
> tells me that Sigrid was the mythical character Sigrid the Haughty.
> Everyone who publishes their family tree back to these people seems to have
> a different story to tell. Is there any historical evidence about this line?
> If not I will ignore it completely.
This is Anna's ancestry as far it can reliably be reconstructed:

1. Anna Iaroslavna of Kiev
2. Iaroslav I "the Wise", grand prince of Kiev, d. 1054
3. Ingigerd, d. 1050
4. Vladimir I "the Great", grand prince of Kiev, d. 1015
5. Rogned of Polotsk, d. 998/1000
6. Olof I, king of Sweden, d. 1022
7. Estred of the Obotrites
8. Sviatoslav I, grand prince of Kiev, d. 972
9. Malusha, d. 1002
10. Rogvolod, prince of Polotsk
12. Erik, king of Sweden
13. Sigrid
16. Igor, grand prince of Kiev
17. Olga, d. 972
18. Malk of Lyubech
24. Olof Eriksson, king of Sweden
26. "Sloglar" Toste
32. Rurik

This is from my pedigree chart of Robert Abell, which I have not yet
quite completed, but I believe the data above follows
Cawley's_Medieval Lands_:,%20Rurik.htm#AnnaIaroslavnadied1075

Christopher Ingham

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