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From: "M.Sjostrom" <>
Subject: Mendiotz
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 10:11:34 -0700 (PDT)

seeing that the above biography (whose genealogies I refrain from endorsing) actually seems to place Gontzalu Ibaniz de Mendiotz as son of Joanes hurtado 'the old' de Mendiotz,
["... Don Pedro González de Mendoza (1340—1385), Señor de Hita y Buitrago, Mayordomo Mayor y Capitán General de los Ejércitos de Castilla, hijo de Gonzalo Yánez de Mendoza y Mayor de Figueroa, nieto de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, “el Viejo”....]

* seemingly as opposed to Gontzalu Ibaniz de Mendiotz being son of Didako hurtado de Mendiotz,

I would like to know whether there actually is near-contemporary testimony about Gontzalvo Ibaniz de Mendiotz really being SON of a Didako de Mendiotz,
as opposed to possibly being son of a Joanes (hurtado) de Mendiotz.
Is there proof from their contemporaries ?

Leo might have the filiation of Gontzalu (allegedly there son of 'Diego hurtado', ie Didako) incorrectly:


and, WHOSE wife (by near-contemporary attestations, as opposed to later concoctions) was that Maria 'de Rojas' ???? was her husband's name Didako (as many genealogies appear to have it) ?

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