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Subject: Re: Society Of Genealogists (London)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 02:26:58 +0300
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binky wrote:
> Hey! Where'd everybody go? You guys know any alumni of the Society
> of Genealogists? Any "past members"? Probably just a mistake, right?

I've been a member of the Society of Genealogists for 25 years. It
houses the largest genealogical library in England, perhaps the UK and
was founded a century or more ago.

It has charitable status because it earns an income from its membership
and from any sales from its actual and online shops. The charitable
status means it pays less income tax in order to keep more funds in its
system which it can use to buy more books, primary sources, computers
and other reading machines.

All serious genealogists living in the UK should become members. The SoG
website can explain its holdings better than I can, but, briefly, the
Middle Library is divided into countries spanning the globe, and then,
for the UK, by county. It holds parish registers, publications by the
Catholic Society, Surtees, and others.

The Upper Library holds publications such as The Army List, Gentleman's
Magazine, Crockfords, school and university alumni, and pedigree books.

The basement houses a lecture room and kitchen, but also what I call
"The Boxes". These are individual pedigrees, handwritten notes, primary
documents, and the notes of amateur and professional genealogists
spanning the past hundred years. These papers are arranged by family
surname, and individually arranged by separate family within a surname.
So, the Smith boxes, will be full of different Smith family notes from a
variety of sources.

There are also some very old card indexes, which includes the work of
such indexers as Bernau, who indexed many of the old medieval records
from the Public Record Office. now has much of this on its
own site, taken from the PRO references, not Bernau.

Some of the material from the Society is online but it is cheaper to
access if you are already a member. More will come online as it becomes

If you want to know what is available, both in the library itself and
online, then go to the Society's own weebsite:

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