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Subject: Halcro in Orkney
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 19:11:16 -0800 (PST)

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> *That* Adam had a daughter Barbara does not discount the
> possibility that Robert did as well.

of course, theoretically both could have had a separate daughter Barbara, i.e two women - cousins to one another.

BUT, there appears no contemporary attestation of the existence of the other - it looks like all mentions in those decades involve only the one and same individual.
Only then some centuries-later writers have 'created' a daughter of that name to earl Robert (who obviously had Barbara as his ward), seemingly because of ignorance that Barbara was born as daughter of Adam. Even those writers did not think there at that time was two Barbaras.

This Barbara who was born in 1561 (daughter of Adam), is chronologically suitable to marry in 1580.

Whereas I suspect that earl Robert's any daughter born of his Kennedy wife, would not yet in 1580 been old enough to marry.
And, certainly, the 'youngest' daughter of earl Robert would not be old enough by then.

So, there simply is no life (known in sources) for the earl's *possible* daughter named Barbara, even had she existed.

In genealogy, it mainly concerns which were roots of THIS Barbara whose genealogical 'future' is known: married Halcro and had children - whose identifiable progeny even continues to our days.

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