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From: Douglas Richardson <>
Subject: Another C.P. Addition: Eleanor de Beauchamp, wife of Sir Fulk Fitz Warin, 2nd Lord Fitz Warin
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 09:02:51 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Newsgroup ~

Complete Peerage and various secondary sources indicate that Sir
William de Forz's fourth daughter, Cecily de Vivonne and her husband,
Sir John de Beauchamp, Knt., of Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset had four
children in all, namely John, Knt. [1st Lord Beauchamp of Somerset]
and Robert, King's valet, and two daughters, Eleanor (wife of Fulk
Fitz Warin, Knt., 2nd Lord Fitz Warin) and Beatrice (wife of Peter
Corbet, 2nd Lord Corbet, and John de Leybourne, Knt., Lord Leybourne).

Complete Peerage, 5 (1926): 497–499 (sub FitzWarin) has a good account
of Cecily de Vivonne's son-in-law, Fulk Fitz Warin, Knt., 2nd Lord
Fitz Warin. Regarding Fulk Fitz Warin's marriage to Eleanor de
Beauchamp, the following information is provided:

"He married Alieanore, daughter of Sir John de Beauchamp of Somerset
[Lord Beauchamp], by Cecily, 4th daughter and coheir of Sir William de
Vivonne, le Fort, of Chewton, Somerset ... On 31 May [1330] his wife,
Alienore,had a temporary grant of 40 marks a year and his house at
Wantage [Berkshire] as a residence, for the support of herself and her
children: his sons, Fulk and Ioun, were detained in prison at
Shrewsbury ... [Fulk Fitz Warin] died shortly before 6 June 1336. His
widow, Alianore, who held one-third of the manors of Alveston and
Earthcote [in Alveston] in dower, was living 18 Nov. 1341." END OF

No documentation whatsoever is provided for the marriage of Sir Fulk
Fitz Warin and his wife, Eleanor de Beauchamp. However, we are
informed that this couple had two sons, Fulk and Ioun. We are given
no death date for Eleanor. And, no mention is made of a son, Sir
William Fitz Warin, who has been traditionally assigned as a child to
this couple.

Checking various sources, I've managed to locate the long forgotten
will of Eleanor, widow of Sir Fulk Fitz Warin. This will confirms
that Eleanor Fitz Warin was indeed the daughter of Sir John de
Beauchamp, of Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset. We can be certain of this,
as in her will, Eleanor names her sister, Beatrice Corbet, lady of
Caus, [Shropshire], which lady is a proven daughter of Sir John de
Beauchamp. I've copied below the transcript of this will which can
be found in Notes and Queries, 4th Series 3 (1869): 230. It may be
viewed at the following weblink:

The source for the will is Sloane MS. 1301, fo. 117. The transcript
reads as follows:

"Elanor garyn wylleth to her sister beatrix Corbett lady of Caux - to
Fulco my son, dame M'g'tt his wyff. It'. to M'g'tt my daught'r to
Cicelly my daughter, to John my son. It'. to Payn Fitz-warren. It'.
to Fulco my son's eldest son. It'. to Phil' his third son. To Elanor
daughter to Payne pd'. To Elanor da: to John my son & Ele her
sister. ffouke my son & M'g'tt his wyffe. John my son ex'r. my
sister pd'. & Sr W. Fitzwaryn overseers.

The will is dated by the contributor, A.S. Ellis, as being made in
1348. However, inasmuch as Eleanor Fitz Warin's sister, Beatrice
Corbet, was living at the date of the will and it is known that
Beatrice died 28 August 1347, the will must pre-date the death of
Beatrice. However, the will can not be far off 1346, as the testatrix
names her eldest grandson, Fulk, and his younger brother, Philip. We
know that the grandson, Fulk Fitz Warin, was born in 1341. Thus the
will would necessarily date sometime between 1341 and 1347, and
probably toward the latter end of that time period. I imagine the
date c.1346 would work for this will.

The will affords us several new genealogical details. It reveals that
the testatrix's son, Fulk Fitz Wain, had a wife named Margaret,
whereas Complete Peerage states only that "it is said" she was Joan de
Beaumont. Clearly Joan is an error.

We learn that the testatrix had two daughters, Margaret and Cecily,
whose existence has been overlooked.

We also learn that the testatrix had a son, John, who had two
daughters, Eleanor and Ela. However, John is doubtless a misreading
of the given name, Ives (or Ioun), which given name ran in this
family. As noted above, Complete Peerage calls this son Ioun.

Lastly, it would appear that Sir William Fitz Warin (died 1361) is
definitely not a son of Fulk Fitz Warin and Eleanor de Beauchamp. He
is simply appointed an overseer of the will.

So we have confirmation that Eleanor, wife of Sir Fulk Fitz Warin, was
definitely a daughter of Sir John de Beauchamp and his wife, Cecily de
Vivonne. And we have a new arrangement of Eleanor's immediate family
of children and grandchildren.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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