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Subject: Re: Nicholas Harrington and Nicholas Harington and Isabel Loring and/or English
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:57:35 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 21, 4:32 pm, "Leo" <> wrote:
> In my data base I have
> Sir Nicholas Harrington, married to Isabel Loring
> and
> Sir Nicholas Harington, married to Isabel English
> The difference in spelling of Har(r)ington is a trap, making you to overlook one.
> For Nicholas and Isabel English I have found three sons John/James, Nicholas and William.
> Gerald Paget in his two volumes on the ancestors and relatives of Prince Charles, gives in volume one ancestor lists of spouses of British monarchs, and on page 95 is the ancestor list of Catherine Parr and her ancestor Sir Thomas Parr of Kendall 1405-1464 married Alice Tunstall, she is a daughter of Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland and Eleanor daughter of Nicholas Harrington.
> After that someone gave Isabel Loring as the spouse of this Nicholas Harrington. What strikes me now is that Gerald Paget did not make this Nicholas a Sir Nicholas , and so I wonder are we talking about three different Nicholas Har(r)ingtons in the same era?  
> With thanks to Dix Preston.
> With best wishes
> Leo van de Pas,
> Canberra, Australia

Hi Leo

I looked at Weis "The Magna Carte Sureties" 5th edition which offers
ancestors to John Parr who m. Agnes Crophull. I thought you might want
to consider for your database since you are missing them.

Dix Preston

"Line 118
1. ROBERT de ROS (116-1); m. Isabel of Scotland.
2. ROBERT de ROS, of Wark on Tweed, Northumberland, seen 1206/7, Chief
Justice of the King's Bench, 1234, Chief Justice of the Forests north
of Trent, 1236, d. 1269; m. (2) Christian, dau. of Sir Roger Bertram
and Ida. (CP XI, 119-121; Clay, 15).
3. ROBERT de ROS of Wark, a younger son, but made h. to father, d. sh.
bef. 20 Apr. 1274; m. Margaret de Brus, dau. Peter II de Brus of
Skelton, co. York, sister & coh. of Piers de Brus of Kendal, d. sh.
bef. 30 Jan. l306/7. She divided her estate (1/4 of her brother's,
including the barony of Kendall) between her son William and her
nephew Marmaduke de Thwenge. (CP XI, 120-121; Sanders, English
Baronies, 77,149,56-7).
4. WILLIAM de ROS, of Kendal Castle, d. bef. 9 May 1310. (Clay, 185).
5. SIR THOMAS de ROS, of Kendal, b. C. 1307, d. c. l390/1; m. a dau.
of Sir John Preston of Westmorland. (Clay, 157).
6. JOHN de ROS, of Kendal, d. 1358; m. Katherine, dau. of Sir Thomas
Latimer. (Generations 5 to 10: Clay, 157).
7. ELIZABETH ROS, b. 1356; m. 1383, Sir William Parr, Knt., d. 4 Oct.
1405, of Parr and Kendal.
8. JOHN PARR, of Kendal, b. c. 1383, d. bef. 1407/8; m. Agnes, d. c.
1435/6, dau. of Sir Thomas Crophull. (Gens. 1-9: Sheppard, op. cit.).
9. SIR THOMAS PARR, KNT., of Kendal, sheriff of Westmorland,
1461-1475; attainted; m. Alice, dau. of Sir Thomas Tunstall of
Thurland Castle."

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