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From: Henry Soszynski <>
Subject: Re: Musim ancestors for most of Europe's royalty?
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 10:52:48 +1000
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On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 07:40:31 +1000, "Leo" <>

>I have a Hungarian genealogical collection which is extending several ancestor lines for royalty.
>I found an interesting line:
>Omar, Emir of Azerbaijan, married Princess La'l Bi Tuqmac of Azerbaijan, and they are the parents of Princess Fulan who married Mempret Muzakini.
>They are ancestors of most of Europe's royalty, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William.
>Does anyone know more about these? I have no dates.
>With many thanks.
>Leo van de Pas
>Canberra, Australia

One version is as follows (from a posting on ATR): Christopher Buyers
feels that this connection is dubious (i.e. between Omar and Fulan).
Omar, married La'l Bi Tuqmaq, daughter of Ibrahim Derbendi of
Azerbaijan, parents of..
Fulan fl.1450, she married Abdul Muzakini, son of Aytoun of Azerbaijan
and his wife, Comita, daughter of either Andrea Musachi of Albania or
daughter of Andrea Dukagin, parents of...
Maria Musachi, she married Giorgio Arianiti (ca1400-1461), parents of
Angela Arianiti (+1516), married 1461, Stefan Djuradjovic of Serbia
(1417-1476), Despot of Rashka, parents of
Jovan Stefanovic Brankovic (1465-1502), Despot of Rashka, married
Jelena Jaksic, (fl.1529), parents of
Maria Brankovic (+1540), married bef 1509, Ferdinand Frankepan zu
Veglia +ca1527

The rest you probably know.
Another version: Chronology here is very tight.
>From the Sardimpex website, it has this to say regarding Maria
Musachi, 'figlia di Andrea III Musachi, Despota di Epiro e Signore di
Devoli e Musacchia, e di Chiranna Zenebishi dei Signori di

Henry Soszynski

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