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From: Johnny Brananas <>
Subject: Sir Kenelm Digby's "cosin" Enoch Lynde
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 08:26:02 -0800 (PST)

Vittorio Gabrieli's 1957 biography in italian of Sir Kenelm Digby
contains an appendix of Kenelm's letters (in the original English).
There is one addressed to his aunt Dame Magdalen Digby, a nun in
Brussels, that mentions his "cosin Lynde," identified in the footnotes
as Enoch Lynde:

Here is the pedigree of Sir Kenelm Digby (husband of Venetia Stanley),
which shows he would be quite distantly related to Elizabeth Digby,
the wife of Enoch Lynde:

The exact portion of the "Sherborne pedigree" cited by Edward E. and
Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury in their genealogical opus (vol. 1, part 2,
p. 446), gives Elizabeth (Digby) Lynde's line as:

John Digby + Catherine Griffin

William Digby + Rose Perwich

"Simon Digby de Bedall Com. Rutland armiger" + "Annam filia [sic]
Reginald Grey"

"Everardus Digby, Filius Secundus" + "Catherine Filia Majistri
Stockbridge de Vanderschaff Theuber de Newkirk"

"Elizabeth Digby, filia et haeres" + "------- Lyne"

Gabrieli's characterization of Elizabeth Lynde as "parente prossima
del primo Conte di Bristol" is surely taken from the Salisburys' work,
as are other elements of the potted bio. of Enoch Lynde in the note.
John Digby, 1st Earl of Bristol, was from the Coleshill, Warwickshire,
branch of the family, about as distantly related to Sir Kenelm Digby
as was the Luffenham-Lubbenham-Bedale branch ancestral to Mrs.

However, perhaps the fact that the name Everard was used in all three
branches kept up awareness of the cousin-ship (as well as the very
obvious shared surname). Mary Mulsho, mother of Sir Kenelm, may have
had ties to the Luffenham/Lubbenham branch of the Digby family, as

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