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From: Alex Maxwell Findlater <>
Subject: Re: Sibyl de Valoignes
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 02:28:00 -0800 (PST)
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Barrow discusses the charter in some detail and concludes that there
is no reason to dismiss the charter, even though it has come to us
through an antiquary who is not trusted very confidently. Barrow
argues that many of the things in the charter, especially the ville
for iuste and the witnesses suggest that it is reliable. Remember
that the copy printed by Sibbald is not what Barrow was looking at,
and published in 1953.

Whether she is Malcolm's nepta in the strict sense seems doubtful, but
her name is pretty potent - virtually unknown then in England or
Scotland and suggesting a connection to Ela of Burgundy, her daughter
Ela of Ponthieu and her great-grand-daughter Ela of Salisbury, who
married William Longspee. So even without the charter BM Harl 4693,
fo 46, of 1160x62 , we see connections with Ada de Warenne.

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