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From: John <>
Subject: Re: Judith Halfhide
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 10:35:36 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 23, 1:39 am, wrote:
> Continuing with this vein, we see that Thomas Cokayne of Soham, co Camb is
> listed as a son of "Elizabeth Este, daughter of Thomas Este of Swavesey"
> Of course we recognize this name instead as Thomas EAST of Swavesey,
> husband of Frances Docwra daughter of Edward Docwra of Hitchin, son of Thomas
> Docwra of Putteridge (d 1602) and then back through the Hasilden family tothe
> Cheneys and we get ascents to Scotland, England and Wales in seperate lines.
> If my supposition here is correct than Elizabeth EAST of Swavesey is a
> Cecil 9 as well.
> I'm not yet happy however with the idea that Thomas Cokayne of Soham died
> 58 years after his father.  It sounds a bit like there's room for an extra
> generation here.
> Will

Aside from a mention in the visitation pedigree of the Dockwra (or
Docwra) family, what evidence is there that the surname in question
was East rather than Este? There is a record of an MI at Swavesey for
this Thomas Este [sic], and Burke's General Armory has entries for
both surnames (although none for this specific family at Swavesey).

FWIW a pedigree of the Cockayne family (perhaps the source used by
Paget, whom Leo cites as his source) refers to him as Thomas Este of

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