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Subject: Re: Judith Halfhide
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 05:57:08 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 24, 10:03 pm, david <> wrote:

> Yes, Edmund son of Edmund was an apothecary in Cambridge. He left a
> will, probated on 17 Sept 1719. I'll download it in the morning.
The will dated 19 Nov 1712, and codicil dated 7 Aug 1719, of Edmund
Halfhyde apothecary of Cambridge only mentions his wife and children,
no sister or Cockayne nephews or nieces. He left property in Potton
and Lt Wilbraham to his son Edmund, and property in Wrestlingworth and
Cockayne Hatley to his daughter Judith – he had been bequeathed
property in Lt Wilbraham and the reversion of property in
Wrestlingworth, Cockayne Hatley and Potton in his father’s will.

Thomas Halfhide, baptised 23 July 1663 at Potton, son of Edmund and
sister of Judith, was executor of his father’s 1690 will, and does not
appear to have married. His own will dated 2 June 1729 downloaded from
TNA “Thomas Halfhyde, gent, of Potton” included bequests to his
Halfhyde nephews and nieces of Cambridge (children of his deceased
elder brother Edmund) and to:
-his brother Cockayne of Soham fifty pounds
-his sister Cockayne fifty pounds and his best piece of plate, his
best bed, half his linen, his best horse and his brass pestle and
-Sarah Cockayne £120, Judith Cockayne £120, Elizabeth Cockayne £120
(none are specifically named as nieces, but all three were daughters
of his sister Judith)
-nephew Thomas Cockayne £350, to be shared between his surviving
sisters should he die before his legacy becomes due

There doesn’t seem to be much doubt that Judith Cockayne née Halfhide
was the sister of Edmund and Thomas, children of Edmund and Sarah.


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