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Subject: Maria or Anastasia, daughter/relative of Konstantinos Monomachos andmother of Vladimir Monomakh
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 22:10:17 -0800 (PST)

Vsevolod Yaroslavich married a relative of the Byzantine emperor
Konstantinos IX Monomakhos, probably a daughter, by whom he had a son,
Vladimir Monomakh. There seems to be evidence that this lady was named
either or both Maria and/or Anastasia.

Soloviev cites the following inscription found on two seals (I hope
the Cyrillic letters post correctly): CФPAГ MAPIAC MO.AXIC THC
EYГENECTATIC APXONTICIC (A.V. Soloviev, 'Marie fille de Constantin IX
Monomarque', Byzantion, 33, 1963 [reprinted in Byzance et la formation
de l'Etat Russe, London, 1970, no. 6]). Unfortunately, I have not been
able to see this article for myself, only seeing the inscription cited
in various books.

But the necrology of the Vydubychi Monastery gives her name as
Anastasia (see Vostokov, 'Opisanie russkikh i slovenskikh rukopisey
Rumyancovskogo Muzeuma', St. Petersburg, 1842). I suppose Anastasia
could be a religious name she adopted later. If her baptismal name was
Maria that would seem to preclude her mother being Maria Skleraina,
due to the Byzantine custom of not naming a child for one of its

Has any new research been done? Do we know yet which (or either, or
both) of these names belonged to the wife of Vsevolod Yaroslavich?

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