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Subject: Re: re HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 05:16:25 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 2, 12:53 am, John <> wrote:
> On May 1, 9:43 pm, wrote:
> > Perhaps, but that's not really my style.
> > I berate people *here* for not finding sources, and I berate published  
> > accounts of source digging.
> > However if I were to write an article where I started off by saying, "I  
> > spoke to so-and-so and his sources were..." I'm already one step out of my  
> > comfort zone.  I prefer my readers can find for themselves, exactly to what  I
> > refer, rather than give them another he-said-she-said scenario that they
> > could  not possibly confirm twenty years from now.
> > I'm reading *four* biographies of Katherine Hepburn, and they are so widely
> >  nay wildly divergent you'd think they were talking about completely
> > different  persons.  At any rate....
> > I'm not done poking at this Davenport issue by a long shot, just started  
> > digging up sources.
> > In a message dated 5/1/2011 9:20:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
> > writes:
> >  should be obvious but I guess I have to spell it out for
> > you....  You  could contact the person and ask him what his sources
> > were for the  conclusion he reached.  And then you could contact the
> > editor and  berate him for not providing citations in the manner which
> > you would  desire.  :-)
> We'll all be waiting with bated breath to see if your "poking at this
> Davenport issue" comes up with a different conclusion - and one's
> that's supportable by reputable sources.


The man who links William and Kate as kith and kin is Sir Thomas
Leighton, an Elizabethan soldier and diplomat, Governor of Guernsey.
Sir Thomas Leighton is William's 12th generation great-grandparent,
and Kate's 11th, making them 12th cousins, once removed.

Sir Thomas Leighton m. Elizabeth Knollys
Elizabeth Leighton m. Sherrington Talbot
Elizabeth Talbot m. Henry Davenport
William Davenport m. Grace Alloway
William Davenport m. Elizabeth Marshall
Sarah Davenport m. Thomas Ashford
Elizabeth Ashford m. Robert Hobbes
Christiana Hobbes m. Thomas Davis
Harriet Albina Davis m. Francis Lupton
Olive Christiana Lupton m. Richard Noel Middleton
Peter Middleton m. Valerie Glassborow
Michael Middleton m. Carole Goldsmith
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton m. Prince William of Wales


Sir Thomas Leighton m. Elizabeth Knollys
Anne Leighton m. Sir John St John, 1 Bt
Anne St John m. Henry Wilmot, 1 Earl Rochester
John Wilmot, 2 E Rochester m. Elizabeth Malet
Lady Malet Wilmot m. John Vaughan, 1 V Lisburne
Wilmot Vaughan, Visc Fethers m. Elizabeth Watson
Wilmot Vaughan, 1 E Lisburne m. Dorothy Shafto
Dorothy Vaughan m. Sir Lawrence Palk, 2 Bt
Elizabeth Malet Palk m. Horace Beauchamp Seymour
Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour m. Frederick, 4 E Spencer
Charles Robert Spencer, 6 E Spencer m. Margaret Baring
Albert Edward John Spencer, 7 E Spencer m. Cynthia Hamilton
Edward John Spencer, 8 E Spencer m. Frances Ruth Burke Roche
Diana Frances Spencer m. Charles Prince of Walkes
Prince of Wales m. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton


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