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Subject: Re: More royalty for Evelyn Princess Blucher
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 12:34:13 EDT

In the ancestry of Evelyn, Leo shows rightly her ascent to Mary Christiana
Conquest of Irnham, co Linc the wife of Henry Arundel, 8th Lord Arundel of

Leo however, beyond Mary's parents shows nothing further.
We can know there is much further when we realize that Mary was the
eventual heiress (not sole heiress) of her father Benedict Conquest to Irnham. How
they got that place unveils a very long pedigree.

When Mary Thimelby of Irnham, co Linc died in 1753 her heir was her cousin
twice-removed Benedict Conquest, father of this Mary Christiana Conquest.
Benedict did not long enjoy his manor of Irnham, dying later that year, when
his SON, also named Benedict was his heir although a minor. This Benedict
died age 20 and unmarried when his heir was his only surviving siblings Mary
Christiana Conquest who in 1763 married Henry Arundel, 8th Lord Arundel of
Wardour. He was already Lord Arundel as his own father, also Henry, had died
12 Sep 1756.

Benedict Conquest's wife was Mary Ursula Markham, as Leo shows it. She
died 2 Feb 1745 "aet 38", her father was George Markham of Claxby, co Linc.
Obviously there is much behind George but I haven't poked it out yet.

Benedict's mother was Anne Birch, daughter of John the rector of Houghton
Conquest, co Bed.
Benedict's father was also Benedict Conquest of Houghton Conquest, co Bed;
esq; heir of his father; born evidently or perhaps just possibly in 1666,
and yet living in 1733

This Benedict Sr had for parents Eleanor Hall "fifth daughter of her
father" Benedict; and John Thimelby Conquest of Houghton Conquest, co Bed and of
Irmham, co Linc, eldest son, "Aet 7" in 1634.

This John's mother was Elizabeth /Thimelby/ , lady of the privy chamber to
the Queen
the daughter of Richard /Thimelby/ of Irnham Hall, co Linc; esq. Richard
"d.V.p. at Toby Matthew's house High Holborn" and was buried 2 Feb 1622/1623
St Andrew's, Holborn

This Richard we already know is a 12th generation descendant of the English
throne through his mother Mary St Paul and her mother Jane Ayscough

Thus our Mary Christiana Conquest is the 17th generation of this same line.
This does not raise the line as Henry Arundel is already in generation 14,
but it does add dozens of new connections to explore.


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