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Subject: Re: Marriage of Elizabeth (Woodville) Grey and Edward IV (about 1464)
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 13:29:48 EDT

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> As the article points out, there is evidence to suggest that the
> couple were not married in the month of August 1464, and so Edward
> IV's revelation of his marriage to his council in September 1464 may
> have occurred just days, or a couple weeks, not several months, after
> the private ceremony.

Elizabeth of York was born to her on 11 Feb 1464/5, probably when dear old
Jacquetta came storming in to announce that the king has got her daughter in
the family way, Isabella Widville now in her fourth month could no longer
hide her roundness....

The condom broke and the history of the planet took a swerve.


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