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There was also a Samuel Johnstone of Elphinstone who was made a Baronet in 1628
At the time that his daughter Elizabeth was contract to marry in 1642/3 he was then dead

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On Oct 4, 1:24 pm, John <> wrote:
> On Oct 4, 10:22 am, Wjhonson <> wrote:
> > Not the top item, the bottom item regarding Gilbert Johnstone, son and heir
of John Johnstone, and Margaret Haldane the mother of Gilbert, etc etc.
> Yes, the item mentions two Johnstones and the wife of one of them and
> mother to the other, Elizabeth (not Margaret) Haldane. And the
> connection of these Johnstones to the family of Johnstone of
> Elphinstone (rather than another branch of the Johnstones) and
> specifically to the ones mentioned in this thread is...??

It does appear that there are some Johnstone of Elphinstone
connections here, although they are a bit tenuous and could use better

Sir Gilbert Johnstone, son of Sir Adam Johnstone of Johnstone by his
2nd wife, was the 1st to be "of Elphinstone" by his marriage with
Agnes, daughter and heiress of SIr Alexander Elphinstone of
Elphinstone (d. 1435). The next Johnstone of Elphinstone that I can
find is Andrew (living 1546, possibly a son but more likely a grandson
of Gilbert) who married Margaret Douglas (not known of which family).
This couple appears to have had at least two daughters: Mariota, m.
Sir David Home of Wedderburn, and an unnamed daughter m. Sir William

The next Johnstone of Elphinstone, probably a son of Andrew, is James
Johnstone who appears to have been married twice (unless there were
two contemporaneous Jameses of Elphinstone). by a (1st?) marriage ca.
1550 to Margaret, dau. of the 2nd Lord Ruthven, he had at least two
children who are the ones mentioned in the item posted by Will (of
which more later). By a (2nd?) marriage in 1564 to Janet, dau. of Sir
John Melville, 4th of Raith, he had two sons Robert and James.

The two known children of the 1st marriage are James (d. by 1627) who
m. Elizabeth Haldane, and Barbara, who m. (1) (as his 2nd wife) John
Haldane, 9th of Gleneagles, and (2) David Home of Godscroft (who was a
son of Sir David Home of Wedderburn and his wife Mariota Johnstone
above). it's tempting to suggest that the brother and sister James
and Barbara Johnstone married a sister and brother Elizabeth and John
Haldane, but Elizabeth doesn't appear in pedigrees of the Haldane
family, at least with that marriage. At any rate, James and Elizabeth
had a son Gilbert who MAY have been the father (or brother?) of the
Sir John Johnstone of Elphinstone (m. Margaret Keith) who disposed of
the Elphinstone property in 1650.

Any further information on this family, particularly as to the
parentage of Andrew Johnstone and Margaret Douglas, would be welcome.

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