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From: John <>
Subject: Re: Correction GBR 600 Immigrants ?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 16:55:35 -0700 (PDT)
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On Oct 13, 3:20 pm, "Leo" <> wrote:
> On page 274 we find
> 10.Sir Gerald Aylmer, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, married Alison FitzGerald
> 11.Bartholomew Aylmer married Ellen Warren
> 12.Christopher Aylmer
> 13.Sir Christopher Aylmer 1st Baronet
> ---- Burke's Peerage 1999 page 151
> here we find an extra generation
> 11.Bartholomew Aylmer married Ellen Warren
> xx Nicholas Aylmer, born ca.1544 Auditor General of Ireland, married ca 1561 Margaret daughter and co-heir of 7th Lord Killeen by Alice Barnewall, died 1608
> 12.Christopher Aylmer
> Which is correct?
> With many thanks
> Leo van de Pas
> Canberra, Australia  


Before addressing the discrepancies between the two versions, I should
note that you apparently missed a generation in GBR's version. GBR
shows Sir Christopher the 1st Baronet as 14, not 13 - his father
Gerald is 13. So the two versions go as follows:

GBR: 10. Sir Gerald; 11. Bartholomew; 12: Christopher; 13. Gerald; 14.
Sir Christopher

BP: 10. Sir Gerald; 11. Bartholomew; 12: Nicholas; 13. Christopher;
14. Gerald; 15. Sir Christopher

As it turns out, two different members of the Aylmer family (uncle and
nephew) produced slightly different pedigrees of this branch of the
Aylmer family. Although I can't readily identify GBR's source, his
version agrees (at least as to the number of generations) with a
pedigree published in 1912 in Misc. Gen. et Her., 4th ser., vol. 4,
described as "Compiled by the late Captain James [sic - s/b John]
Evans Freke Aylmer...with some additional notes by Capt. F. A.
Aylmer". The BP version agrees with a book published in 1931, "The
Aylmers of Ireland", by Sir Fenton John Aylmer, 12th Baronet (nephew
of the late Captain mentioned above - see BP 1999 254).

Interestingly, CB 3:320 (which is one of the sources cited by GBR
although it doesn't provide all the generations he lists) seems to
have picked up information from both sources. In a footnote it says
that Gerald the father of the 1st Baronet was the great-grandson of
Sir Gerald - which agrees with the 1912 version. But it agrees with
the 1931 version, not the 1912, version with respect to the death date
of Gerald the father (1662 instead of 1642) and the maternity of his
son the 1st Baronet (an unknown 1st wife instead of the 2nd wife Mary,
sister of Viscount Fitzwilliam and widow of Lord Louth).

I think I'd favor the later account, in 1931, as being more accurate -
and thus the BP version is right. But it's a close call, and I'd be
interested in further information on the topic.

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