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From: "John P. Ravilious" <>
Subject: Re: C.P. Addition: New death date for Isabel de Vermandois, Countessof Meulan and Leicester
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 06:17:28 -0700 (PDT)
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On Oct 28, 3:42 am, "James R. Yeowell"
<> wrote:
> Further to my previous post, I note this mysterious and likely false Cantilupe is noted as Agnes de Cantilupe and I have found her attributed as the daughter of two different Williams.  Thus I have removed her completely from my database.
> It actually feels good getting rid of this link too.
> Best regards,
> James R. Yeowell


Dear James, Will, et al.,

You are correct in dropping this Cantilupe connection, for the
following reasons.

There was one Agnes de Cantilupo (also Cantilupe &c.) identified
in the 'Fundationis Historia et fundatoris stemma' of Boxgrove priory,
daughter of William de Cantilupo (d. 22 Feb 1250/1) and his wife
Millicent de Gournay [Monasticon Anglicanum IV:646, Num. VI; see also
CP XI:323]. She was the wife of Robert de St. John of Basing, Hants.,
with numerous English descendants (St. John, Courtenay, Beauchamp) but
no known Welsh marriage or close connections.

Agnes' brother William de Cantilupo (d. 25 Sept 1254) was his
parents' eldest son and heir, and the husband of the heiress Eve de
Braose. They had no daughter Agnes. Their issue consisted of:

1. George de Cantilupo, son and heir, m. Margaret de
Lacy but d.s.p. 18 Oct. 1273.
2. Joan de Cantilupo, coheir of her brother, m. Henry de Hastings
(her inheritance included the lordship of Abergavenny, among
other lands in Warwickshire &c.).
3. Millicent de Cantilupo, coheir of her brother, m. 1stly
John de Mohaut, 2ndly Eudo la Zouche. Her inheritance
included Harringworth, Northants., best known in
association with her Zouche descendants.

The descendants of Joan and Millicent are legion (possibly,
several legions).



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