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This is flawed.
Jenico Preston, 3rd Lord Gormanston died in 1560
His wife Catherine FitzGerald was the daughter of Gerald FitzGerald 9th Earl of Kildare, by his wife Elizabeth Zouche
Elizabeth's parents were John Zouche of Codnor, co Derby who died in 1501 by his wife Eleanor St John who died 12 Feb 1518/9

Meanwhile your below Katherine Howard, wife of Henry 7th Lord Berkeley, she, was "aged 16" in 1554

You wrote: "Katherine Howard & Henry Berkeley
Mary Berkeley & John la Zouche
Elizabeth la Zouche & Gerald FitzGerald
Katherine FitzGerald & Jenico Preston
Katherine Preston & Thomas Fleming"

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Apologies in advance for the length; it is as skeletal as I could
manage & incomplete as well.
Isabel de Vermandois - William de Warenne
William de Warenne - Ela de Ponthieu
Isabel & Hamelin bastard d'Anjou
William de Warenne & Maud Marshal
also Maud de Warenne & Henry II, Ct. of Eu
also Suzanne de Warenne & King John (unm)
Sir John de Warenne - Alix de Lusignan
Eleanor de Warenne & Henry Percy
Henry Percy & Eleanor FitzAlan
Henry Percy & Mary of Lancaster
also Alianore Percy & John FitzWalter
Henry Percy & Margaret Neville
Henry Percy & Elizabeth Mortimer
Henry Percy & Eleanor Neville
Henry Percy & Eleanor Poynings
Henry Percy & Maud Herbert
Eleanor Percy & Edward Stafford
Elizabeth Stafford & Thomas Howard
Henry Howard & Frances de Vere
Katherine Howard & Henry Berkeley
Mary Berkeley & John la Zouche
Elizabeth la Zouche & Gerald FitzGerald
Katherine FitzGerald & Jenico Preston
Katherine Preston & Thomas Fleming
Katherine Fleming & Piers FitzThomas Butler
Sir Edmund Butler & Anne Butler
Piers Butler & Margaret Netterville
Edmond Butler & Catherine Crispe
Piers Butler & Domville Hartpole
Edmond Butler & Anne Skellern
Bridget Butler & Theobald Butler
William Butler & Caroline Massy
Caroline Butler & Hugh Massey Barrett
Joseph Barrett & Henrietta Rudyard Clark MacInnes
Mary Elizabeth Barrett & Maurice Emile Newman
Claire Newman & Sydney Valdes Webb
Elizabeth Clare Webb, my mother
Reginald de Warenne & Adeliza de Wormegay
William de Warenne & Beatrix de Pierrepont
Beatrix de Warenne & Doun Bardolf
William Bardolf & Nichole
William Bardolf & Julian de Gournai
Hugh Bardolf & Isabel Aguillon
Thomas Bardolf & Agnes Grandison
Margaret Bardolf & Adam de Welles
John de Welles & Maud de Ros
John de Welles & Eleanor de Mowbray
also Anne de Welles & James Butler
Ives de Welles & Maud de Greystoke
William de Welles & Anne Barnewall
Elizabeth de Welles & James Fleming
George Fleming & Margaret Butler
James Fleming & Ismay Dillon
Thomas Fleming & Catherine Preston
also Ellen/Helen de Welles & Walter Cheevers
see line 1
Ada de Warenne & Henry of Huntingdon
William the Lion & Ermengarde de Beaumont
also at least concubine
Alexander II & concubine
also Isabelle, bastard dau
also Ada, bastard dau
Marjory of Scots & Alan Durward
Anne Durward & William Ferrers
William Ferrers & Ellen/Alice Segrave
Hernry Ferrers & isabel de Verdun
also Anne Ferrers & Edward le Despenser
William Ferrers & Margaret de Ufford
Margaret Ferrers & Thomas Beauchamp
Richard Beauchamp & Elizabeth Berkeley
Eleanor Beauchamp & Edmund Beaufort
Margaret Beaufort & Humphrey Stafford
Henry Stafford & Katherne Wydeville
Edward Stafford & Eleanor Percy
see 2
Gundred de Warenne & Roger de Beaumont (husb. 1)
Waleran de Beaumont & Alice Harcourt
Alice de Beaumont & William Mauduit
Isabel Mauduit & William Beauchamp
William Beauchamp & Maud FitzJohn
also Sarah Beauchamp & Richard Talbot
also Walter Beauchamp & Alice de Toeni
Guy Beauchamp & Alice de Toeni
also Isabel Beauchamp & (1) Patrick Chaworth;
(2) Hugh le Despenser
Thomas Beauchamp & Katherine Mortimer
also Lucia Beauchamp & Robert/Roger Napton
Thomas Beauchamp & Margaret Ferrers
also Philippe Beauchamp & Hugh Stafford
also Maud Beauchamp & Roger Clifford
see 1
Gundred de Warenne again & William Lancaster-Kendal,
husb. 2
William Lancaster-Kendal & Hawise de Stuteville
also Avice Lancaster & Richard de Morville
also Warin Lancaster & nn
Hawise Lancaster & Gilbert FitzRoger
Avice Lancaster & William Lindsay
also Hawise (same?) & Piers II Bruce
William Lindsay & nn
nn Lindsay of Craigie & William Mure
Adam Mure & Janet Mure of Fokeltie
Reginald Mure & Sibylla Graham
also Elizabeth Mure & Robert II, King of Scots
Gilchrist Mure & Isabel Cumin
John Mure & nn of Caldwell
John Mure & nn
John Mure & Elizabeth
Marion Mure & John Ross
Elizabeth Ross & Thomas Sempill
John Sempill & Margaret Colville
William Sempill & Margaret Montgomerie
Robert Sempill & Isabel Hamilton
also a mistress, Elizabeth Carlyle
Gilles Sempill & Archibald Preston
James Preston & Jean/Janet Erskine
John Preston & Grizel Colville
Mary Preston & George Bruce
Christian Bruce & Robert Colville
James Colville & nn
Mary Colville & Duncan Campbell
Archibald Campbell & Joan Campbell
Susanna Campbell & James Menzies
Susanna Menzies & Robert Campbell
Colin Campbell & Agnes Campbell
William Campbell & Eufemia McNicoll
Christian Campbell & Duncan McPherson
Christian McPherson & John Martin
Robert Martin & Philippine Bodecker
Christian Campbell Martin & George G.B. Fischer
Christine Fischer & William Locock Webb
Sydney Valdes Webb & Claire Newman
Elizabeth Clare Webb, my mother
Maud de Warenne & Henry II d'Eu
Alice d'Eu & Raoul I de Lusignan
Maud de Lusignan & Humphrey de Bohun
Humphrey de Bohun & Eleanor de Braose
also Alice de Bohun & Rover V de Toeni
also Eleanor de Bohun & John de Verdun
Humphrey de Bohun & Maud de Fiennes
also Eleanor de Bohun & Robert Ferrers
also Margery de Bohun & Theobald de Verdun
Humphrey de Bohun & Elizabeth Plantagenet
William de Bohun & Elizabeth Badlesmere
also Eleanor de Bohun & James Butler
also Margaret de Bohun & Hugh de Courtenay
Humphrey de Bohun & Joan FitzAlan
also Elizabeth de Bohun & Richard FitzAlan
Eleanor de Bohun & Thomas of Woodstock
Anne of Gloucester & Edmund Stafford
Humphrey Stafford & Anne Neville
Humphrey Stafford & Margaret Beaufort
see line 3
Suzanne de Warenne & King John
Richard FitzRoy & Rohese de Dover
Isabel de Craon & Maurice Berkeley
also Lora de Dover & Willliam Marmion
Thomas Berkeley & Joan Ferrers
Maurice Berkeley & Eva la Zouche
also Margaret Berkeley & Thomas FitzGerald
Thomas Berkeley & Margaret Mortimer
also Milicent/Eva Berkeley & Thomas Maltravers
also Isabel Berkeley & Robert Clifford
Maurice Berkeley & Elizabeth le Despenser
James Berkeley & Elizabeth Bluet
also Thomas Berkeley & Margaret de Lisle
James Berkeley & Isabel Mowbray
Maurice Berkeley & Isabel Meade
Thomas Berkeley & Eleanor Constable
Thomas Berkeley & Ann Savage
Henry Berkeley & Katherine Howard
Mary Berkeley & John la Zouche
see line 1
Isabella, bastard dau of William the Lion & Robert de Ros
William de Ros & Lucy FitzHerbert
Robert de Ros & Isabel Daubeney
also William de Ros & Eustache FitzHugh
William de Ros & Maud de Vaux
William de Ros & Margery Badlesmere
Thomas de Ros & Beatrice Stafford
also Maud de Ros & John de Welles
also Elizabeth de Ros & William la Zouche
William de Ros & Margaret FitzAlan
Margaret de Ros & James Touchet
Anne Touchet & Thomas Dutton
Elizabeth Dutton & John Bostock
Anne Bostock & John Savage
Anne Savage & Thomas Berkeley
see line 1
Ada bastard dau. of William the Lion & Patrick Dunbar
Patrick Dunbar & Euphemia de Brus
also Ada Dunbar & William Dunbar of Home
Patrick Dunbar & Cecily Fraser FitzJohn
also Isabel Dunbar & Roger FitzJohn
Patrick Dunbar & Marjory Comyn
Alexander Dunbar & nn
Patrick Dunbar & Isabel Randolph
John Dunbar & Marjorie Stewart
also Agnes Dunbar & James Douglas
also Elizabeth Dunbar & John Letherington Maitland
Janet Dunbar & William Seton
Catherine Seton & Alan Stewart
John Stewart & Margaret Montgomerie
Matthew Stewart & Elizabeth Hamilton
also Elizabeth Stewart & Archibald Campbell
Elizabeth Stewart & George Campbell
George Campbell & nn Kennedy
Isabella Campbell & Robert Erskine
John Erskine & Margaret Campbell
also Elizabeth Erskine & James Forrester
also James Erskine & Christine Stirling
Margaret Erskine & Robert Douglas
Janet Douglas & James Colville
James Colville & Isabel Ruthven
Robert Colville & Christian Bruce
James Colville & nn
Mary Colville & Duncan Campbell
see line 4

Obviously titles etc were left out in order to get this much on here.
These are only a few of the lines. If anyone has corrections or
questions, fire away. You too, Will. Best, Bronwen

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