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Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 13:43:13 -0500 (EST)
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I did not say all.

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On Nov 27, 9:58 am, Wjhonson <> wrote:
> That isn't what I said.
> And again you misunderstand my other point.
> I never stated. Never. Not once did I state. Never did I state the
> I can find a royal line for any particular person you give me.
> I never stated that, so let's get that clear at the outset.
> What I stated is that if a person, a LIVING person, with whom I'm actually
conversing, at this moment in time...
> If such a person, can trace their own families (not one line mind you) back to
1800 themselves.
> That is, if that person, can trace their two parents, four grandparents, eight
great-grandparents... back to 1800
> THEN I can find a royal line somewhere in that mix. take advantage of Will's generous offer (assuming you provide
him with sufficient time and money), you first have to trace ALL of
your family lines back to 1800 - not just one or two. Even the
present Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can't do that.

No doubt his sweeping statement will be further modified as we move

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