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The problem with the issue of "how far they would travel to marry them" is complicated by ignorance of their London connections.
Many people as they were "rising" in their career, or even at times right at the beginning, went to London, which was the center of the known universe to them.
While there, they may have risen from a barrister to a landed gentleman to a member of the privy council.
This father, or uncle, or first cousin, quite often. Quite quite quite often. Would pull in their relatives for positions here and there, and arrange to marry them off to this one or that one of their acquaintance.

It's not the point of how far Dover is from Cardiff. It's the point of how far Uncle John in London is from Uncle Robert in London.
Which is why the web-tree approach or what I call "proximity" is far more important to use, rather than a strictly lineal ascent.

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On 30/11/2011 14:06, Johnny Brananas wrote:
>> ------------I think this last remark is unasked for. Renia may not
e a queen but she knows that she has more royal ancestors than I, and
any others, can mention.
> Unfortunately this doesn't stop her from being very ignorant, loud-
> mouthed, overly-opinionated, and oftentimes just plain stupid.

ell, one thing I'm not ignorant of is the geography and Social History
f England, whereas many American genealogists seem to be. The
ignificance of geography and social history, is the rules and customs
bout who would marry whom and how far they would travel to marry them.
s to over-opinionated, try the rest of the newsgroup.

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