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From: John Watson <>
Subject: Re: C.P. Addition: Richard de Vescy, younger brother of Sir Eustacede Vescy
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 13:25:23 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 25, 2:59 am, Douglas Richardson <> wrote:
> Revised copy of earlier post.  DR
> Dear John ~
> Great post.  Thanks for sharing this information on the Vescy and
> Muschamp families here on the newsgroup.
> You mentioned that Sir Eustace de Vescy (died 1216), the Magna Carta
> baron, had a younger brother, Warin de Vescy, and sisters, Maud and
> Cecily de Vescy.
> Complete Peerage 12(2) (1959): 275, footnote g, and 285, footnote g
> (sub Vescy) mentions Eustace de Vescy's younger brother, Warin de
> Vescy.
> I can add yet another sibling, Richard de Vescy, who witnessed an
> undated
> charter of his brother, Eustace de Vescy.  This charter is recorded in
> the cartulary of Kelso Abbey published in Innes, Liber S. Marie de
> Calchou, 1 (1846):173, and may be viewed at the following weblink:
> The Kelso Abbey cartulary also includes charters of Sir Eustace de
> Vescy's wife, Margaret, who was an illegitimate daughter of William
> the Lion, King of Scots.
> Sincerely, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


Warin de Vescy, ancestor of the Aton family, according to a charter of
Watton Priory in Yorkshire, was an illegitimate half-brother of
Eustace de Vescy.

"Et iste Will. bastard genuit Warinum, qui vocatur Warinus de Vescey,
ex una ancilla ejusdam nutricis, in castello de Malton in ... et quia
nutritus fuit cum Eustachio filio Willelmi de Vescey; ideo vocabatur
Warinus de Vescey. Qui Warinus desponsavit Matildem filiam Walranni de
Wellon., et genuit ex ea Matildem et Marjoriam, filias et haeredes;
quarum una fuit desponsata Gilberto de Aton, et sic linealiter, de
haerede in haeredem, usque Gilbertum modo petentem"
William Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum, Vol 6, Part 2 (London:
1817-1830) p. 957, Watton No. XII, Stemma Fundatorum Istius Domum



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