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From: Douglas Richardson <>
Subject: Re: William de Grandison husband of Sybil de Tregoz (who are hisparents?)
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 22:34:55 -0800 (PST)
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There is a lengthy article in print by C.L. Kingsford entitled "Sir
Otho de Grandison (1238?-1328)," published in Transactions of the
Royal Historical Society, 3rd Series 3 (1909):125-196. This article
may be viewed at the following weblink:

Kingsford identifies Sir Otho de Grandison as the son of Peter de
Grandson, lord of Grandson, who died about 1258, leaving a widow,
Agnes, and six sons, Otho, Gerard, James, Henry, Peter, and William,
and several daughters. He states that the birth order of the sons of
Peter de Grandson "is determined by a deed of August 31, 1263, under
which Agnes and her sons sold the 'Peage de Grandson' to Peter of
Savoy for an annual rent charge on Cuarnie, Pomers and Crotnei. It
begins: 'Nos Agnes, domina de Grandisono, tutrix legitima liberorum
nostrorum Petri et Willielmi, Girardus, Jaquetus et Henricus, pro se
et fratre suo Otonino, filii predicte domine &c.'". Kingsford adds:
"Otho was plainly absent; for his brothers contracted in his behalf,
and promised to obtain his consent. Minutes of Evidence, p. 169, with
deed in full." END OF QUOTE.

Kingsford further identifies Sir Otho de Grandison as the brother of
Sir William de Grandison [of England] and Henry de Grandison [parson
of Greystoke, Cumberland, 1276-1285, afterwards Bishop of Verdun]. He
also indicates that Sir Otho de Grandison had the following known
nephews: John and William de Bonvillars (or Bono Villario); Peter and
William d'Estavayer (or Staney, Estaney); Gerard de Grandison; Otho de
Grandison; Theobald de Grandison; Gerard d'Oron (or Orons); Sir John
de Stratelinges (or Stradling); and Eudric, Gerard, and Peter de

There is further information on the Grandison family in La Seigneurie
de Belmont au Pays de Vaud, 1154-1553 (1955): 56, which reads as

"Jacques de Grandson était fils de Pierre Ier de Grandson et, peut-
être, d'Agnes de Chiny. Après la mort de leur père, Jacques et ses
frères tinrent leur héritage en indivision durant un certain temps.
Un partage survint cependant avant 1275. Une clause de traité de
partage ... " END OF QUOTE.

I note that the obit of Jacques de Grandison, seigneur of Belmont, is
recorded in the Grandison breviary in England. "2 Kal. Aug. Obit, dni
Jacobi de Grandeson dns de Bello Monte." [see Complete Peerage, 6
(1926): 62].

A short article "Note sur un Othon de Grandson," by D. Martignier,
was published in Gaullier, Étrennes nationales (1845): 263-264, which
may be viewed at the following weblink:

Martignier states that Othon de Grandison died testate in 1328 and was
buried in Lausanne Cathedral. This is the same person as Sir Otho de
Grandison who went to England. Martignier further states that Othon
de Grandison was succeeded at his death in the seigneurie of Grandson
by Pierre, seigneur of Belmont, who had married Blanche de Savoie.
Reference is made to an "acte" of 1275 which mentions Othon, seigneur
de Grandson; Jacques, seigneur of Belmont, chevalier, and three other
brothers, Buardus (or Burcardus), Henri, and Willerme.

I assume the "acte" of 1275 is the same document as the partage
document dated 1275 mentioned further above. I also assume that the
name, Buardus, is a misreading of the name, Girardus.

As noted above, the mother of Jacques de Grandison (brother of Otho de
Grandison) is identified as "perhaps Agnes de Chiny." That her given
name was Agnes is proven by her obit in the Grandison breviary in
England [see Complete Peerage, 6 (1926): 69, footnote b]. She is
likewise named Agnes in the document dated 1263 cited by Kingsford
above. I have no particulars on a Chiny connection.

Lastly, the claim that Otho de Grandison was the son and heir of
Amédée/Amé, sire de Grandson, who occurs 1278-1300, and his wife,
Benoite de La Tour, can be proven to be erroneous by the documents
cited above. That Otho de Grandison was the son and heir of his
father (and not Amédée) is proven by the fact that Otho was seigneur
of Grandson in 1275, not Amédée. Otho de Grandison was still
seigneur of Grandson in 1328 at the time of his death. Moreover, it
is a proven fact that the mother of Otho and his brother, William (in
England) was named Agnes, not Benoite.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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