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From: Brad Verity <>
Subject: Genealogics Additions: Additional Edward I Descents for PrincessDiana thru Robert Walpole (1593-1663)
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 16:05:36 -0700 (PDT)

I've been working on the ancestry of Maria Walpole, Duchess of
Gloucester & Edinburgh (1736-1807), the wife of Prince William,
younger brother of King George III. Through her daughter (by her 1st
husband the 2nd Earl Waldegrave), Lady Anne Waldegrave Seymour
(1762-1801), Maria is an ancestress of Princess Diana.

Leo's database traces Maria Walpole's patrilineal line back to Robert
Walpole (1593-1663) and his father Calibut Walpole:

Robert Walpole was descended from Edward I thru each of his parents
(his mother was Elizabeth Bacon of Hessett Hall), as so:

Edward I had
A1) Joan of Acre (1272-1307) m. 1) Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of
Gloucester (1243-1295), and had 2 daus, A2 & B2 (see below),
A2) Margaret de Clare (1293-1342) m. 2) Hugh Audley, Earl of
Gloucester (c.1291-1347), and had
A3) Margaret Audley (1321-1349) m. Ralph Stafford, 1st Earl of
Stafford (1301-1372), and had
A4) Hugh Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford (1341-1386) m. Philippa
Beauchamp (c.1340-by 1385), and had
A5) Katherine Stafford (c.1371-1419) m. Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl
of Suffolk (1367-1415), and had
A6) Elizabeth de la Pole (c.1400-1440) m. 2) Sir Thomas Kerdeston of
Claxton (d. 1446), and had
A7) Jane Kerdeston (b. c.1425) m. Sir John Robessart of Valonges (d.
1447), and had
A8) Sir Thierry Robsart of Syderstone Hall (1443-1496) m. Elizabeth
Cromwell, and had
A9) Lucy Robsart (c.1490-1560) m. Edward Walpole of Houghton Hall
(1483-1559), and had
A10) John Walpole of Houghton Hall (c.1525-1585) m. Katherine Calibut
(d. 1612), and had
A11) Calibut Walpole of Houghton Hall (1561-1646) m. Elizabeth Bacon
(see B13 below), and had
A12) Robert Walpole of Houghton Hall (1593-1663), ancestor of Maria
Walpole, Duchess of Gloucester

B2) Eleanor de Clare (1292-1337) m. 1) Hugh Despenser 'the Younger' (c.
1289-1327), and had
B3) Isabel Despenser (c.1313-aft.1356) m. Richard Fitzalan, 3rd Earl
of Arundel (c.1314-1376), and had
B4) Sir Edmund Arundel of Bignor (1327-c.1381) m. Sybil Montagu (c.
1327-aft.1364), and had
B5) Philippa Arundel (c.1352-1399) m. 1) Sir Richard Cergeaux of
Colquite (c.1340-1393), and had
B6) Philippa Cergeaux (1381-1420) m. 1) Sir Robert Pashley of Pashley
(c.1370-1400), and had
B7) Anne Pashley (c.1400-1444) m. 2) Edward Tyrrell of Downham (d.
1442), and had
B8) Philippa Tyrrell (b. c.1435) m. Thomas Cornwallis of Brome Hall (c.
1421-1484), and had
B9) William Cornwallis of Brome Hall (c.1470-1519) m. Elizabeth
Stanford (d. 1537), and had
B10) Sir John Cornwallis of Brome Hall (c.1491-1544) m. Mary Sulyard,
and had
B11) Richard Cornwallis of Okenhill Hall (d. bef.1581) m. Margaret
Lowthe (c.1529-1603), and had
B12) Elizabeth Cornwallis (c.1555-1624) m. Edmund Bacon of Hethersett
Hall (1553-1625), and had
B13) Elizabeth Bacon (c.1575-1624) m. Calibut Walpole of Houghton Hall
(see A11 above), and had
B14) Robert Walpole of Houghton Hall (1593-1663), ancestor of Maria
Walpole, Duchess of Gloucester

In addition, Genealogics has the wife of Robert Walpole of Hougton
Hall (1593-1663), as "Susan Barkman". She was actually Susan, the
daughter of Sir Edward Barkham (c.1554-15 January 1634, buried St
George Church, South Acre, Norfolk), Lord Mayor of London 1621-1622,
by his wife Jane Crouch (will proved 26 June 1654). That couple is in
Leo's database here:

Cheers, ----Brad

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