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From: Brad Verity <>
Subject: PA3/RPA Addition: Parentage of Margaret James, Wife of Rev. MarmadukeBlakiston of Newton Hall
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:54:36 -0800 (PST)

In the 2004 edition of Plantagenet Ancestry, p. 113 (sub Blakiston),
is the account of Rev. Marmaduke Blakiston of Newton Hall. It states,
"He married at St. Mary-le-Bow, London, 30 June 1595 Margaret James".
No identification of her parents is provided. No doubt Douglas's
source for this was the Blakiston, of Newton-Hall, co. Pal. and Old
Malton, co. York in Surtees's 'History of Durham' Vol. 3 (1823), where
Surtees states "=Margaret James, mar. at St. Mary-le-Bow 30 June
1595", and also provides no identification of Margaret's parents:

First off, the marriage of "Marmaducus Blaxton" and "Margareta James"
took place at St Mary le Bow Church in the city of Durham, not London:

'James' was not a common surname in Durham. A glance thru the indexes
of the marriages at St Margaret Crossgate Durham and St Mary le Bow
Durham, do not turn up instances of that surname (save for Margaret).
But the Register of Durham Cathedral does.

On 24 Feb. 1627/28 was christened "George, sonne of Mr John Cosins,
Prebendary. Sir George Toong, Mr Marmaduke Blakiston, prebendary,
godfathers; Mris James, godmother.":

John Cosin (future Bishop of Durham) was the son-in-law of Rev.
Marmaduke Blakiston & Margaret James, he having married their eldest
daughter Frances in August of 1626. So this child was their grandson.
Sir George Tonge the godfather was a nephew by marriage, having
married Rev. Marmaduke's niece Elizabeth Blakiston in 1609. Mrs James
the godmother would have to have been the wife of "Mr Willm James,
prebend", whose sons Richard & Harry, and daughters Anne & Elizabeth,
were christened in the Cathedral in 1622, 1624, 1625 and 1627
respectively. A footnoteto his burial in the Cathedral on 21 Jan.
1659/60 identifies William James, Prebend of Durham as "Nephew of
William James, Bishop of Durham":

The pedigree of William James, Bishop of Durham was taken in 1615,
with the informant being the Bishop himself:

>From it we learn that William James the prebend was the son of the
bishop's brother "Richard James of Littleone = Margaret, dau. of Thos.
Caldwell, of Marston, Staff." Little Onn in Staffordshire is where
the Bishop's family was from. The pedigree also states that William
James the prebend had a sister Margaret.

It would seem, then, that Margaret James, wife of Rev. Marmaduke
Blakiston, was the daughter of Richard James of Little Onn & his wife
Margaret Caldwell, and the niece of William James, Bishop of Durham

Any thoughts or corrections would be welcome.

Cheers, ----------Brad

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