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From: Johnny Brananas <>
Subject: Sharpe-Saunders descent of the Chesters of Blaby, Leicestershire
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:10:32 -0800 (PST)

The link below gives some of my past postings on this topic:

A few things to point out:

--there is quite a long article on these Chesters in existence in
_Transactions of the Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological

--two marriages from the IGI that may bear repeating:

--Samson Chester, son of "Lenod," bapt. 9 June 1591 at Desford,

--Richard Sharp to "Ales" Chester, 7 Feb. 1613 at Garthorpe,

--Burke's _Commoners_ was one source for the claim that "John Sharpe,
esq. of Wickham, and subsequently of Frisby, in the county of
Leicester, ... [married] Mary, his wife, daughter of William Saunders,
esq. of Welford, Northamptonshire," in the context of showing that a
daughter of said John Sharpe and Mary Saunders married, in 1572, to
Nicholas Plumptre or Plumtree of Nottingham:

This is repeated in other Burke's publications, as well:

_Notes ... on St. Mary's Nottingham_ gives a fuller version:

"Nicholas Plumptre ... married, firstly, at St. Mary's, Nottingham, in
1572, Ann, daughter and heir of John Sharp, of Frisby, co. Leicester,
and Mary, his wife, daughter of William Saunders, of Welford ..."

The first marriage, to Ann Sharpe, is on the previous page.

Recently, I noticed that there is a 1651 document showing an
association between the Chesters of Blaby (and New England), Nicholas
Sharpe of Frisby, and Huntington Plumptree, of Nottingham (a
descendant of Henry Plumptre, son of Ann [Sharpe] Plumptre).

The "infant" John Chester, whose guardian was Thomas Wade, was the
eldest son (b. 1635) of New England immigrant Mr. Leonard Chester who
married a wife Mary "said to be a Sharpe, Neville, or Wade" ("Sharpe"
can be ruled out, as Nicholas Sharpe was a known relation of the
Chester family).

Another related document from 1639:

It seems quite possible that the Chesters had the Saunders of Welford
line (and hence some royal ancestry). Some thorny issues with the
Sharpes would have to be worked out first.

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