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Subject: Re: Françoise de Méhérenc (Update)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 12:57:53 -0700 (PDT)
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The 1523 maintenue page 4 also mentions :

Guillaume, seigneur des Londes, confirmed noble in 1463 along with is brothers Guillaume the young and Richard.

Then we could have Guillaume, married with Marguerite de La Haye and maybe Guillaume his brother married with Isabeau de Malherbe

Guillaume de Méhérenc, seigneur des Londes (1445/1463)
ép.11.12.1445 (cm), Marguerite de La Haye du Bouillon, dame de Longueville et de Ranchy (1445/1472) no posterity.

his brother :

Guillaume de Méhérenc, le jeune, seigneur des Londes after is brother(1463/1499)
ép. c. 1450, Isabeau de Malherbe, dame du Breuil :

Denis de Méhérenc, seigneur des Londes (1500/1528), ép. (2) avant 1506 Catherine Le François, veuve de Sébastien de Mauny, sieur de Laubel
ép. (1) 21.7.1470 (cm), Anne de Grosparmy (+ avant 1506)

If that hypothesis is correct, we would be losing the interesting ancestry of Marguerite de La Haye.

Never the less, Anne de Grosparmy ancestry could be even better.


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