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Subject: RE: Descent from King Edward IV of England to George Home, of Virginia,died 1760
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 19:29:20 +1100
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Leo and Douglas

This George Home, son of the 10th laird and 3rd Bt of Wedderburn, married in Virginia.
However, his paternal uncle Francis Home of Quixwood was banished to the Americas in June
1716 for the same reasons as his nephew George; both were Jacobite supporters.
Francis had married, Elizabeth Home, one of the daughters of Patrick Hume of Lumsden and
Margaret Baird (History of Dunbar Hume and Dundas from Drummond's Noble British Families,
William Pickering, London 1846) and had two sons, but it appears none of his family
followed him to Virginia. Is anyone able to confirm this ?


I note that you have, in your database, this above George Home, son of the 10th laird and
3rd Bt of Wedderburn, that died in Culpepper, c1760 with a maternal grandmother, Jean
Admittedly SP and CB both state that Patrick Home of Lumsden married Jean Dalmahoy,
daughter of William Dalmahoy of Ravelrig. There was discussion on the list last year about
this marriage.
A "Home of Rentoun" did marry Jean Dalmahoy, but it was not Patrick, it was his nephew
Robert, 2nd Bt of Rentoun, son of Patrick's older brother Alexander Home, 1st Bt of Rentoun.
This couple, Robert Home and Jean Dalmahoy had their first child baptised Margaret on the
23 August 1711, with the baptismal entry for the 26th August 1711, Edinburgh reading:

Sir Robert Hume of Renton Dame Jean Dalmahoy his Lady A.D.N. Margaret: w: Sir William
Drummond of Hathorndale Mr William Scott Advocat and Captain Charles Milne - was born on
the 23rd Instant.

This Jean Dalmahoy was baptised 19 April 1688 in the Canongate.

Sir Patrick had a lease of the lands of Rentoun before the death of his father Sir John
Home of Rentoun in 1671. Patrick did not return the lands to his older brother Alexander
following their father's death. Alexander died in May 1698, and still Patrick did not
return the lands to his nephew. Sir Robert eventually gained the lands of Rentoun back
from his uncle in 1716, after many years of legal wrangling amongst the family.

Sir Patrick Home 1st Bt of Lumsden was styled as Sir Patrick Home of Rentoun even when he
was buried in the kirk-yard in Coldingham in February 1723/24, but he had married Margaret
Baird of Saughton Hall, Edinburgh in April 1676 and they then had 19 children from 1677 to
1702. His wife Dame Margaret Baird survived him and her Testament is dated the 16 January
1746/47, and she is called Dame Margaret Baird, Relict of Sir Patrick Home of Rentoun,

Louise Gibson
Tasmania, Australia

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Subject: Descent from King Edward IV of England to George Home, of Virginia,
died 1760

Dear Newsgroup ~

The Scottish immigrant, George Home (died c.1760), of Essex and Culpeper
Counties, Virginia has a valid descent from King Edward IV of England
through the established Lumley-Lambton connection. The line comes through
George Home's great-grandmother, Isabel Liddell, whose English ancestry
appears to have been overlooked by genealogists.

George Home's line of descent from King Edward IV goes as follows:

1) King Edward IV, by his mistress, Elizabeth Waite, widow of _____ Lucy:

2) Elizabeth [Plantagenet] m. before 1477 Sir Thomas Lumley, living 1502,
died before 13 Nov. 1507 (descended from Edward III), and had

------------- Dear Douglas,
By this Elizabeth I have a note : "The Complete Peerage Vol VIII page 274
questions which Thomas Lumley was married to Elizabeth. Cahiers de Saint
Louis, page 880, records that she was mentioned only in a genealogy in the
16th century and that her link is still not certain." Do you have sources
which would establish beyond doubt that this link is correct? It would be
great if you can dispel the uncertainty expressed in the Complete Peerage.

Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia


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