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Subject: Part II: Hen IV to Jane Vaughan PA - some orig. MS sources in Walesfor Nannau generations
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 12:16:05 -0800 (PST)

This Part 2 post covers the next two generations of the line --
*7. Hugh Nanney of Nannau, m. Anne ferch Rhys Vaughan of Corsygedol
*8. Griffith Nanney, m. Elin da. of John Wynn ap Cadwaladr of Rhiwlas

Part 3 in a separate post will cover the last generations ending with Jane Vaughan of Pennsylvania --
9. Catherine Nanney m Robert Vaughan, antiquary
10. Jane Vaughan m. Robert Owen, "the Quaker"

Note: I have inserted references from the Nannau MS at Bangor University and Peniarth MS at the Nat. Lib. of Wales (NLW), into the Nannau generations below as outlined by the Welsh pedigrees. In brackets I have added date ranges for each Nannau generation. These dates come from a pedigree chart in a Journal of Merioneth Historical and Record Society (JMHRS) article by Bryn Parry, vol. 5, pt 3, p 185-206 (chart opposite p 206). For the Nannau MS, I rely mostly on the catalogue prepared by Thomas Richards in 1936.

7. Hugh Nanney, "Hen" m. Annes d. of Rhys Vaughan of Corsygedol [b.c. 1546, ob. 1623]

I ended the Part I post with this Hugh Nanney's father Griffith (aka Gruffydd ap Howel) Nanney. In 1572, a Nannau MS mentions Hugh Nanney as Griffith's heir. Nannau MS no. 106 reads "Release by Griffith ap Morris ap Gwilym" [?] "to Griffith Nanney and Hugh Nanney his heir, of all his right, title, and interest in lands township of Nanney (26 Sept 1572)." Hugh's father Griffith's last appearance in the Nannau MS (as catalogued by Richards in 1936) was in no. 108 (1 May 1573) with no other family members mentioned.

The Nannau MS entries for a tenement Tyddyn y Gors in Llwyngwril, seem to show lands being passed from the previous Nannau generation to this one. MS no. 61 shows the tenement is owned by Hugh Nanney the elder's father Griffith Nanney on May 11, 1549. In Nannau MS no. 115 over 25 years later, when Hugh's father Griffith is probably dead, Hugh grants Tyddyn y Gors in Llwyngwril to a Rhys Hughs of Maesypandy (May 6 1576).

The Hugh Nanney of Nannau of this generation is first mentioned in MS no. 95 (24 May 1566). He appears more frequently in the Nannau MS over the next three decades, generally as Hugh Nanney and sometimes as "of Nannau" and in 1586 as Hugh Nanney, Sheriff of Merioneth. He appears a few times in the first decade of the 1600s and then appears more frequently in the Nannau MS after his son's death in 1609 where he appears as Hugh Nanney, Hen "the elder" along with his grandson Hugh as "the younger."

Hugh Nanney Hen "the elder," last appeared in the Nannau MS in no. 291 (1622). A Hugh Nanney does appear several times in 1623 but terms such as "the elder' or Hen are not included in the MS entry. He died in1623. The source for this is, I believe, the many elegies to him written by the bards. Over half a dozen elegies are noted in the Jrnl. of Merioneth Hist. and Rec. Soc. (JMHRS) vol. 2, p11.

The Nannau pedigree (PACF, p 200) and Corsygedol pedigree (PACF, p 279) show Hugh Nanney married Anne daughter of Rhys Vaughan of Corsygedol. Hughes wife Anne is mentioned briefly in a poem on her death in 1627 and also in the Nannau MS. The entry for Nannau MS no. 300 (1624) in which she appears, mentions a bond of obligation by Agnes [aka Anne] Nanney widow, of Dolegwyn and Lewis Gwyn of the same, and by Edward Nanney to Hugh Nanney [the younger] of Nannau to accept the arbitrament of Willam Vaughan of Corsygedol .....dated 4 August 1624. In a note for this MS catalogue entry, Richards says that this Agnes is sometimes called Annes and that she is one and the same with Hugh Nanney's widow Anne.

That this is Anne, Hugh Nanney the elder's widow would seem to be reasonable based on what we know. Besides this Anne Nanney, who was a widow of the Hugh Nanney the elder who died in 1623, the only other Anne Nanney that might be a candidate was another Anne, the wife of Hugh Nanney the younger (d. 1647) and she was not a widow at the time of MS no. 300, because he was still living in 1624. Anne the widow is called "of Dolwgwyn," the entry note says, because she went to live with her daughter Jane and her husband Lewis Gwyn at Dolegwyn [Probably because Hugh Nanney the younger's father had died and he now occupied the family seat at Nannau.]

Anne, the daughter of Rhys Vaughan and widow of Hugh Nanney, died probably in 1627. The following is a table of contents entry for an MS Welsh poem that is likely an elegy to her:

-- Report of Manuscripts in the Welsh Language (RMW), vol. 1, p 269 (Mostyn MS #165):
Richard Philip, "Marwnad [elegy] Annes v[erch] Rys Fychan qwraig [wife of] H. Nanney (1627)."

According to a reading of this poem by E.D. Jones, The Family of Nanney of Nannau, JMHRS, vol. 2, p11, Anne and Hugh Nanney had feasted the poets at Nannau for over 60 years. He also says that she died in her 82nd year [so possibly born about the same time as her husband in 1545]. The elegy of their grandson, (same JMHRS article) Rowland Vaughan of Cargai, "Hugh and pure Ann with one grave/ in the earth here lying" says that she died in her sleep.

Possibly because of the Hugh Nanney's marriage to Anne daughter of Rhys Vaughan of Corsygedol, the Vaughans of Corsygedol appear in the Nannau family MS. Griffith Vaughan signed Dwnn's Corsygedol pedigree in 1588 (Heraldic Visitations of Wales edited by Meyrick, vol. 2 p 220) and given Hugh Nanney's standing in the community, he probably would have known of his aunt Anne's marriage to Hugh Nanney when he signed the Corsygedol pedigree.

The Vaughans of Corsygedol appear in the following selection of Nannau MS:

-- In Nannau MS nos 109 and 110 (1573) Hugh Nanney appears selling parcels in Dolgleder to Rhys Vaughan and his son Richard.

-- Hugh Nanney's wife Anne had a sister Elizabeth of Corsygedol (in PACF p 279) who married first John Wynn ap Humphrey of Ynysmaengwyn, and then, as her second husband David Lloyd ap Hugh of Mathafarn. In Nannau MS no. 91 (1564) we find what appears to be a dispute between plaintiffs David Lloyd ap Hugh and his father-in-law Rhys Vaughan and Hugh Nanney's father Griffith who married Jane ferch Humphrey of Ynysmaengwyn. A fine is levied in no. 92 (1566), regarding the same dispute except Richard Vaughan of Corsygedol takes the place of his father Rhys. Possibly Rhys Vaughan died between 1564 and 1566.

Hugh Nanney's son Griffith is mentioned as his heir in several deeds with the first one occurring in an entry for Nannau MS no.167. The catalogue entry reads: "Indenture (27 Sept 1589) between Hugh Nanney and Griffith, son and heir, on one part, and Ellis ap Morris on the other; lease of Cae Gwyn and Abergeirw Uchaf for 21 years at yearly rent of 33/4."

Although Hugh Nanney's son Griffith (see the next generation) is only mentioned as "son" or "heir" in a few other catalogue entries (now 169 and 174), I suspect the original MS may have more. I have images of ten or more Nannau MS, but after examining the originals, I could only make out the writing in a few of them to read as Hugh Nanney and Griffith his son. In Nannau MS no. 915 (1596) , the word "filio" follows Griffith Nanney whose name appears right after Hugh Nanney and Anne Nanney "uxor"and in a legal petition no. 1179 (1607) the petition says "Hugh and son Griffith."

Several Nannau MS mention other family members and would seem to support those portions of the Nannau pedigree:

-- A few Nannau MS entries mention Hugh Nanney's brother John Nanney. The catalogue entry for Nannau MS no. 124 is: "A deed to levy a fine at the Court of Great Sessions upon Dol y Knavon from John Nanney to Hugh Nanney his brother (1 July 1579). [Then an editorial note in the entry reads: ["John Nanney was married to Elizabeth, da. of David Lloyd of Trawsfynydd"].

-- The catalogue entry for Nannau MS no. 125 an indenture with the same date reads: "Indenture (1 July 1579) between Hugh Nanney and John Nanney, his brother; fine to be levied at Great Sessions with the result of vesting the possession of Dole y Knavon in township of Nanney, now in the tenure of Griffith ap Elisse and Katherin v[er]ch Howell, in Hugh Nanney."

-- There is also in the Nannau MS a rare marriage agreement for Margaret, da. of Hugh Nanney (PACF p 200] : The entry for Nannau MS no. 132 is a: "Bond of obligation by Robert ap Ieuan Lloyd of Trawsfynydd and Robert Vaughan of Glen Llyn Tegid, to Hugh Nanney, to observe the terms of the settle made... the marriage of Robert with Margaret, da. of Hugh Nanney (25 April 1581)." He notes here that Robert ap Ieuan Lloyd is Robert Lloyd of Rhiwgoch.

8. Gruffydd Nanney, m. Elin d. of John Wynn ap Cadwaladr of Rhiwlas [b 1569, ob. 1609]

Griffith Nanney is said to have been born in 1569. I cannot locate it now, but I seem to remember that one of the sources for the estimate of Griffith's birth year of 1569, is his first appearing as son and heir to his father Hugh Nanney (in Nannau MS no. 167, September 1589, noted above). There is also a record of his matriculation at Jesus College, Oxford in 1585 but no age is mentioned (Foster, Alumni Oxoniensis, 1500-1714, p 1050).

One interesting document of a proposed Nannau marriage is the entry for MS no.117 (1576), described as a bond by John Vaughan of Llwydiarth to Hugh Nanney .....regarding a marriage "to be hereafter solemnised between Griffith son of Hugh Nanney and Jane, da[ughter] of John Vaughan." The note to the entry says that this marriage never took place. This indenture would have taken place when Griffith was possibly around 7 years old. The Nannau pedigree PACF p 200 shows Griffith Nanney married Elin, daughter of John "Wyn" ap Cadwaladr of Rhwilas. I could not find mention of Elin in the Nannau MS entries. Possibly she appears in one or more of the original MS.

As discussed in the Part I post, additional support for Griffith Nanney may be that Griffith's father Hugh Nanney "Hen" signed the Dwnn Nannau pedigree in 1588 (Heraldic Visitations of Wales edited by Meyrick) vol. 2 p 227 which showed Griffith as his son and Griffith's wife Elen as a daughter of John Wynn ap Cadwaladr of Rhiwlas. Griffith might have been 19 years old in 1588. It might be interesting to look at the original Dwnn MS to see if Elin appears as Griffith's wife. WWE Wynne's note to the Dwnn Nannau pedigree says that Dwnn probably added Griffith to the pedigree sometime after 1588.

It appears that Elin's father "John [Wynn ap] Cad[walar]" of Rhiwlas signed the Dwnn Rhiwlas pedigree in 1588 showing his daughter Elen and her husband Griffith Nanney (vol. 2 p 229) but since Griffith was about 19 years old, an inspection of the original might prove useful.

Griffith Nanney, his brothers and his father Hugh were involved in a number of legal battles. Those mentioning family members are, for example, MS no. 177 (1606/07), a complaint mentioning Griffith, his brothers, Edward and Robert and his father Hugh (see PACF p200 for these brothers). The Nanney legal troubles are covered briefly in the HOP entry for Griffith and in depth in the Journal of the Merioneth Historical and Record Society (JMHRS) vol 5, pt 3, pp 199-206. The HOP entry for Griffth Nanney MP 1596 is here:

Helping to confirm a portion of the Nannau PACF pedigree, Griffith Nanney's brother Edward appears in Nannau MS and one interesting document in the NLW Peniarth MS:

-- The entry for Nannau MS no. 242 (7 July 1607) shows an Edward Nanney as a witness.

-- In NLW Peniarth MS 327, pt1, Edward refers to his brother Griffith and several family members. On the dorse: "To his very loving brother Gr. Nanney, Esq. at Maylan [Maelan]." The letter begins "Loving brother, I heartily thank you for your discrete and worthy letter... " and then referring to his father and brother's [Griffith's] legal troubles, "I can learn nothing of the proceedings of this suit that is against my father and yourself..."

He signs the letter "from Chancery Lane, 12 of June. Your obedient brother, Edward Nanney." . At the bottom of the letter, what appears to be his brother-in-law Ellis Lloyd writes a short note to Griffith. Parry, JMHRS, vol. 5, pt 3, p 194, estimates this letter was written sometime in 1603.

A document in the Cecil Papers also describes some of the relationships that appear in in the Nannau and other PACF pedigrees. The Nannau pedigree shows Hugh Nanney and son Griffith and also brother Griffith's sister Margaret with husband Robert Lloyd and Margaret's sister Jane who married Ellis Lloyd. These relationships as in PACF appear below [and are noted in brackets]:

[Note: Hugh Nanney was Sheriff 1587-8; Griffith Vaughan of Corsegedol was in 1587 & 1602; Robert Lloyd was Sheriff from Dec 1602 to Dec 1602 ].

"Exceptions to be taken to Hugh Nanney, [ father of Griffith Nanney] Griffith Vaughan, and ..., esquires, returned for the place of Sheriffs of Merionethshire. More than three years since, Ellisey ap William Lloyd, [PACF mar. Jane da of Hugh Nanney] of Rhuoedoge in the said county, and his followers to the number of five or six more, murdered Thomas ap John ap Humphrey in the town of Bala, and to this day nothing has been done by course of law, not so much as a coroner's inquest; neither dare the friends stir in it, fearing the friends on the other side, who every year find means to have such returned for sheriffs as are nigh in blood or by marriage to the murderer. For example :
--Robert Lloyd, [PACF: brother in law of Griffith Nanney] now Sheriff, is brother-in-law to Ellisey ap William Lloyd, the murderer.
-- Hugh Nanney, now returned, is father to the said Ellisey's wife.
-- Griffith Vaughan, [of Corsygedol nephew of Ann, wife of Hugh Nanney] now returned, is cousin german to the said wife.
-- Exception must also be taken to Griffith Nanney, brother-in-law to the said Ellisey; [PACF: Griffith's sister Jane mar. Ellis ap Wm Lloyd} and John Vaughan, Esquire, cousin german to the same. ....."

Cecil Papers: November 1602, 16-30', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 12: 1602-1603 (1910), pp. 474-499. URL:"Griffith Nanney" Date accessed: 03 April 2011.

The source cited is CP 95/56 November 22, 1602.

Some of these family connections can be seen in other Nannau MS. For example in a debt by Griffith and his brother-in-law Cadwaladr Price to Thomas Middleton (who was a banker to Francis Drake and other explorers) is noted in no. 189 (1594/95). In nos. 239 and 251 (1609), Griffith Nanney is in debt to Thomas Middleton along with members of families that married into the Nanney family, e.g., Griffith Vaughan of Corsygedol, and Griffith Nanney's brothers in-law Lewis Gwyn, Robert Lloyd of Rhiwgoch, and John Hughes of Maesypandy.

Support in the Nannau MS for Griffith's death can be found in the catalogue entry for MS no. 253: "Letters of administration from the probate court at Bangor to Hugh Nanney [added by the editor: "the younger"] concerning the procedure incident to the proof of his father's will (28 July, 1609)." Griffith probably died sometime between his last appearance on April 22, 1609 in MS #250 and #251 and the administration of probate in July 1609.

The catalogue entry for MS no. 205 is a possible draft will by Griffith Nanney (d. 1609) with a provisional date of 1600. Not included in the catalogue entry (but possibly in the original?) are his sons and daughter Catherine who married Robert Vaughan the antiquary. The catalogue entry for this MS says he does refer to his sister Jane who married Ellis Lloyd and his "brother" [in-law] John Vaughan of Cargai's 1599 trip to Ireland.

Poems for Hugh "Hen" (the elder), son Griffith, and his son Hugh the younger, appear in the table of contents in a Mostyn MS in the Report on Welsh Language (RMW) These poems were transcribed c. 1690 by Nannau family poet "John Davies" and this Mostyn MS of poems is bound in leather and on the inside of the front cover there is a bookplate with the signature of "Wm Vaughan of Corsygedol" dated "Feb: 1737-8." William Vaughan's daughter Catherine married Col Hugh Nanney in 1690 [see PACF]:

In each selection below, after my summary you will see the RMW description which is really a table of contents format for each poem that I put in quotes along with the author, if known:

-- RMW, vol. 1, (Mostyn MS #165) p 269:

This is an elegy to Griffith Nanney: Richard Philip, "Marwnad [elegy] Griffydd Nanney 1609.": Harry Howell, "Mar:[wnad]: Gr: Nannau ap H. Nannau Hen [no date]"

In praise? of Hugh ap Griffith ap Hugh Nanney "Hen": Richard Philip, "Cywyddeu moliant Huw nanney ap Gr: Nanney ap yr hen Huw Nanney ag ef yn Siryf 1627."

-- RMW, vol. 1, (Mostyn MS #165) p 270:

An elegy to John son of Griffith Nanney with no date. According to the DWB, Sion [John] Cain lived c.1575 to c. 1650. A closer look at the original poem might reveal whether this is possibly the earlier John Nanney who married Elizabeth, daughter of David Lloyd or more probably the John son of the Griffith Nanney who died in 1609:
John Cain [DWB 1575-1650], "Marwnad [elegy] Jo[hn] Nanney ap Gr: Nanney [no date]."

Two 1636 elegies to William [see PACF] probably son of Griffith who died 1609: "Dwy farwnad i Wiliam, trydydd mab [third son] Gr: Nanney 1636" by John Cain and Humphry Howell.

And a a sister of Griffith, Elin who married John Vaughan of Cargai (PACF, p 200]: "Mar: [elegy] Elin trydedd march [third daughter] Huw Nanney hen a gwraig [wife of] Jo[hn] Vaughan o Gaergai 1617."

[See part III for next generations]

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