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From: ETM <>
Subject: Re: Computer Screen problem, Help!
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 01:35:22 -0400

My biggest shock when experimenting with the new system was to press
the Internet button on my keyboard and to have Yahoo's logo pop up.
So then I pressed Search and it brought up a very fancy Yahoo page,
so I figured I might as well venture further, so I clicked on a link
for news, and got up to date news. If you have one of these
keyboards be sure to check it out. Volume and muting as well as
standby (I never use) are also available at the top of my keyboard.


Keith Thompson wrote:
> One thing that I found just the other day is that some monitors are *smart*
> screens. This means that they have some internal electronics that help to
> govern the image. I found that I had to disconnect the monitor from the
> computer, turn it on until I got a message that there "was no signal", then
> shut off the monitor and reconnect to the computer. This seemed to reset
> the internal electronics and fix the problem. I don't know if this is the
> case with yours, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try.
> Keith Thompson

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