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From: "Georgia Starr" <>
Subject: Re: Computer Screen problem, help!
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 15:13:32 PDT

Keith Thompson wrote:

I found that I had to disconnect the monitor from the computer..."was no
signal", then...

Thanks, Keith, for the info!

I have a fairly new monitor that would "sleep" after 10 min., but I wanted
to change it to sleep after a longer time period. Everytime I tried to
change it, the screen would freeze and I couldn't shut down without using
the reset button, so I gave up on changing it. Your information enabled me
to fix that! I was able to make the change without physically disconnecting
the monitor--I just used the power director to turn things on individually
and it worked. Thanks so much! I didn't know I had a "smart" monitor

Lots of good information on this list--I appreciate all of you.

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