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From: Charles Sullivan< >
Subject: Re: Misdirected replies
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 20:16:15 -0500

This is bizarre! My mail reader (Eudora) automatically inserts
the sender's address on replies, not the list address. I had
to manually insert the list address for this reply.

Some software must set the reply address to a different key in
the header than other software.

Charles Sullivan

>There has been some discussion recently of replies that should or shouldn't
>have been private vs to the list. And recently someone started their
>message: "I will send this privately..." and of course, it wasn't private at
>all and started much discussion.
>In addition to this NYS discussion list, I belong to several others (Canada,
>French etc...) THIS is the ONLY list where replying to a message
>automatically inserts the list address as the "To:" address.
>If I "reply" to a message from any other list, it inserts the original
>sender's e-mail address as the "To:" address. The reply thus goes privately,
>unless I choose to add a CC: to the list address.
>Since the software I use for reading & replying to mail is the same for all
>the lists I belong to, it MUST be something peculiar to this list that
>replies are automatically directed to the list address. Unfortunately,
>since this is the only one I subscribe to that does this - it takes special
>effort to remember to override the "To:" address and copy & paste in the
>persons private address.
>I see far more replies on this list (that seem to be intended to be private)
>than on the other lists I belong to, so I suspect I am not the only one
>experiencing this circumstance. Is there a logical explanation for why
>replies to message on this list behave differently?
>Zack (Daoust) Santoro


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