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From: <>
Subject: Buffalo, NY 1910 census
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:05:57 -0500 (EST)

Hello Beth,
I am also trying to locate people in Buffalo in the 1910 census: PAPKE
and STYN at 8 Grimes Street. I try to identify which ward of the city has
the street address for the family from the 1900 census, then I try to find
which enumeration district covers that ward. Here is a list of the ward
descriptions. The ward descriptions can be used to identify a good starting
point to start searching the 1910 census of Buffalo. If you're lucky you
will find them in the first ward you search.

Please let me know if you have received any other useful tips. I would like
to get old street maps of Buffalo with or without the ward boundaries marked
but haven't found a place to get them.

Buffalo Ward Boundaries from the 1910 City Directory:
1st ward bounded by Main, Buffalo River, Lake Erie to a straight line
with Buffalo Creek R.R. to Main
2nd ward bounded by Main, Perry, Babcock, Seneca to Main
3rd ward bounded by Main, Seneca, Babcock, Clinton, Fillmore, Eagle to
4th ward bounded by Babcock, Perry, Buffalo Creek R.R. following a
straight line to Lake Erie, City Line, Clinton to Babcock
5th ward bounded by Main, Eagle, Pine, William, Bennett, Ash, Genesee,
Michigan, Goodell to Main
6th ward bounded by Bennett, William, Pine, Eagle, Madison, Broadway, to
7th ward bounded by Madison, Eagle, Smith, Broadway to Madison
8th ward bounded by Smith, Eagle, Fillmore, William, Melbourne, Broadway,
NYC Belt Line, Stanislaus, Beck, Broadway to Smith
9th ward bounded by Melbourne, William, Fillmore, Clinton, City Line,
Broadway to Melbourne
10th ward bounded by Ash, Broadway, Sherman, Genesee to Ash
11th ward bounded by Sherman, Braodway, Beck, Stanislaus, NYC Belt Line,
Walden, Best, Herman, Genesee to Sherman
12th ward bounded by Grider, Ferry, NYC Belt Line, Broadway, City Line,
Delavan to Grider
13th ward bounded by Main, Goodell, Michigan, Genesee, Hickory, Cherry,
Locust, North to Main
14th ward bounded by Locust, Cherry, Hickory, Genesee, Herman, Best,
Jefferson, North to Locust
15th ward bounded by Main, North, Jefferson, Delavan to Main
16th ward bounded by Jefferson, Best, Walden, NYC Belt Line, Ferry, Grider,
Delavan to Jefferson
17th ward bounded by Delavan to City Line, following City Line to Delaware,
Scajaquada Creek, Main to Delavan
18th ward bounded by Delaware, Scajaquada Creek, Niagara River, north City
Line, Scajaquada Creek
19th ward bounded by Scajaquada Creek to Niagara River, around Squaw Island
to Delavan, Main to Scajaquada Creek
20th ward bounded by Main, Ferry, Hampshire, Albany, Niagara River, Delavan
to Main
21st ward bounded by Main, North, Richmond, Connecticut, Fifteenth,
Hampshire, Ferry to Main
22nd ward bounded by Richmond, York, Porter, Niagara River, Albany,
Hampshire, Fifteenth, Connecticut to Richmond
23rd ward bounded by Main, Tupper, Twelfth, Maryland, Cottage, Plymouth,
York, Richmond, North to Main
24th ward bounded by Main, Niagara, Wilkeson, Seventh, Porter, York,
Plymouth, Cottage, Maryland, Twelfth, Tupper to Main
25th ward bounded by Main, Buffalo River, Lake Erie, Porter, Seventh,
Wilkeson, Niagara to Main

Good luck,
Sheila Strickland


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