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From: David Roberts <>
Subject: Long Island Cemeteries - Vol. 2 [part 1]
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:07:58 -0400 (EDT)

To continue w/ LDS microfilm # 0017118, vol. 2
Josephine Frost "Lomg Island Cemeteries"

1. "Sands Point, Long Island, N. Y. (On George Tibbett's Place)"
Mrs. Frost has 8 pages of burials .. so 80/100 people .. Sands, Downing,
Thorne, Townsend, Griffin are among the surnames. Still exists? Location?
any history will be appreciated. Does this have a name? Sands Point
Cemetery? {Nassau}

2. "Syosset, Long Island (On farm of Abram Cheshire)"
Again, this is probably with my Town of O. Bay files. It may already be
posted to the Nassau GenWeb. I'll have to match my files against the
microfilm. {Nassau}

3. "Schenck Cemetery at Syosset, Long Island" {Nassau}
Ditto of #2 .. I believe this is already on the Nassau GenWeb site.

4. "Two Miles from Hicksville, Long Island, on Road Leading to Syosset"
Any ideas? Sounds like present day Woodbury Road or possibly South Oyster
Bay Road?
- only 4 stones; 3 of them Schenck {Nassau}

5. "Lewis Cemetery (Near Jericho, Long Island)"
Any ideas as to location? {Nassau}
- only 8 stones

6. "Great Neck, Long Island (On Beverly Farm")
Any ideas on this one? {Nassau}
- only 5 named stones; Schnck, Adriance, Rapelje

7. Great Neck, Long Island (On Farm of Mills T. Baker)
ditto on this? {Nassau}
- 2 stones -- Mitchell

7A. [Great Neck] "On Jagger Farm"
ditto here too? {Nassau}
17 stones; Woolley & Dodge

8. "Great Neck, Long Island (Near R. R. Station)"
any ideas on this one? {Nassau}
- 7 stones; mostly Allen

9. "Great Neck, Long Island (On Alker Estate)"
this is a little larger-3 pages of data, so +/- 30 burials . Kissam,
Platt, Treadwell, Woolley
any ideas to its present location? {Nassau}

10. "Port Washington, Long Island (On farm of Thomas Mott)"
- 3 stones; all Sands
any ideas on present location?

Again, & I don't want to sound like a broken record, I don't currently
need data on the people in those cemeteries [I have the microfilm] but am
interested in 1998 locations & history of these cemeteries/burial grounds.

I own an excellent book "Historic Huntington Cemeteries" which locates, as
its title implies, historic cemeteries in Huntington Town. Do the other 12
L. I. Towns have something similiar?

More of volume 2 on its way.


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