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From: James Elbrecht <>
Subject: Re: Un-citely sites
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 08:26:56 -0800

I was going to stay out of this off topic discussion (probably better
discussed on soc.genealogy.methods or s.g.computing), but
Sue's site is a perfect example of what *I like* to see-- fast loading,
informative, easy to navigate.....

and doesn't have the thing that is *my pet peave*-- too much fluff.

I bail out of any site that takes more than 20 seconds to load and if
your script crashes my browser, I curse you & never return.<g>

I don't expect citations on a web site, though they are nice. It is
probably better *not* to include them & try to get a dialogue going with
someone who wants to use the info.

While searching a particular name I found on 8 different sites, all with
different details, I asked for a citation from the authors of the sites.

4 admitted to just lifting the data from one site-- unfortunately they
didn't go back when the author of that site caught an error & updated
her info. A few cited the same source, but had conflicting
'interpretations' of the data. I ended up with 3 different published
sources to sort through, and a wealth of info that wasn't on any of
these folks sites.

I don't think there were citations on any of these pages- but if there
were, they would have been misleading. 'Dialogue' beats 'citations' for

Other than NARA or other primary source sites, I treat all the data on
the web, no matter how it is cited, as hearsay.


S. Smith wrote:
> Joan et al. I don't have the wherewithall to cite all of my sources on
> my site. However, if you email me, you will get the source. Sue
> <>;

>From beautiful, upstate NY.
Near Schenectady, the city that
used to 'Light and haul the world'.

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