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From: Jean Snow <>
Subject: PETA Changing NY State's Historical Names??
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 14:25:44 -0700

Perhaps you've seen this already. It came on the Dutchess list. I've signed
the petition and hope lots more will.

Okay, so PETA doesn't know that "kill" is the Dutch word for creek or
stream. They need to find out before raising a stench! There are so many
towns and cities in NY state ending in 'kill." The City of Peekskill is
just one example: named for Jan Peek.

I'm a former long-time resident of NY, a former English and French teacher,
now a columnist, published writer and teacher of writing who loves language
and history and hates to see both abused by the ignorant, no matter how

If you like the English language and its historical descent, you might want
to sign this petition too. I'm going to forward it to the NY County Lists
I subscribe to as well. Thanks. Jean

From the Dutchess List July 30, 2005 (From Ginny Buechele, a staunch and
vocal activist for our history and genealogy)
Subject: Leave our Heritage Alone!

In an effort to stand up for our Dutchess County and Hudson Valley Heritage,
I have created an on-line Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals (PETA)

Please Read and Sign the Petition if you agree! Here is the Link

This petition is in response to PETA's Call for Fishkill to change its
name - Perhaps NOW and maybe another decade from now PETA will give up their
ridiculous efforts in this regard and stick to the real issues.

Poughkeepsie Journal Article Kill name, PETA asks Fishkill July 14, 2005

If Fishkill changes its name to a more animal-friendly moniker, will the
striped bass swimming in the Hudson River have any idea?

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, seems to think so.

The animal rights group based in Norfolk, Va., renewed its call, first made
nearly a decade ago, for Fishkill to change its name. The group now wants
the town and village to be known as, which just happens to
be the Internet address for a PETA Web site dedicated to the group's ''fish
empathy project.''
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Ginny says: "Bah Humbug" - Please Leave Our Heritage Alone!.

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