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From: "D Thomas" <>
Subject: Ontario and Yates Co. additions
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 12:28:08 -0400

Hi all,

More items have been added to Ontario and Yates counties

for Ontario:
1. I've added a family Photo page, for pictures before 1950, of individuals (not groups)who you are trying to get pictures to a rightful descendant, or just a picture of a family member who had lived in Ontario Co. Take a look under the tab for Family Pages & Family Photos.

2. I've added some cemetery information and I've also added a "Non Cemetery" list. This is information on persons who have died in Ontario Co. but list no place of burial, IF in fact they were buried at all. Since so many persons are going the way of cremation, and not having their ashes buried or put in a cemetory wall, or whatever other reason (like my uncle whose body was donated to science), I'm trying to create a valid record of those that died in Ontario Co., and perhaps were later buried, when the families were ready, but not known WHERE they were buried. If anyone has more of these types of "Non or unknown Burials" please contact me if you'd like to make an addition.

3. More bios have been added, with more to soon be added this week, and some more history info for the various towns. Some of the bios also cover Yates Co. area persons who lived in Ontario Co. at one time.
For Yates Co., I've added a few more bios and working on more bios, as well as additional cemetery information.

As always, contributions of information for these two sites are welcome, by contacting me.


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