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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Swedish bastard?
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 00:24:41 +1000
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Many thanks for this. Sadly, for me, I do not have access to the work of

One observation, Lolotte's legal father was described as being "only a
porter in the castle", but I wonder how "lowly" the Forsberg family were, as
Christina Charlotta Henrietta Forsberg, born 14 March 1792 (I do not know
her parents), died 22 February 1874 at Hovsnas, married, on 7 July 1829,
Count Carl Georg Sparre.

Again many thanks for the details.
Leo van de Pas

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From: William Addams Reitwiesner <>
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Subject: Re: Swedish bastard?

At 02:18 AM 09/28/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>I have the Dutch version of Lars Elgklou's book in regards to royal lovers
>The story he tells is that when Queen Ulrica (wife of King Adolf Frederik)
>dying in 1782, she asked her only daughter, Princess Sophia Albertina
>(1753-1829) to take into care Fredrica Charlotta Forsberg (1768-1840).
>In 1795 Princess Sophia Albertina received an anonimous letter which
>that this Miss Forsberg a child was of her father, King Adolf Frederik of
>Sweden. Then it appeared that Fredrica Charlotte's mother was Princess
Ulla von
>Liewen 1747-1775.
>Even though Fredrica Charlotte officially was the daughter of a porter in
>royal castle, she married Count Gustaf Harald Stenbock.
>So far so good, but this raises for me several questions.
>Who is Princess Ulla von Liewen 1747-1775? I do not know of any princely
>von Liewen in that period. ES VIII Tafel 161 shows that the Princely
family von
>Lieven was created on 23 August 1826.

She wasn't a member of the princely von Lieven family, but a member of a
very distantly related branch of the same family, a branch which was
ennobled in Sweden as barons. She was friherre Ulrike Elisabet von Liewen,
daughter of friherre Carl Gustaf von Liewen and of friherinnan Ulrika
Eleonora Ribbing af Zernava. Ulrike Elisabet was born 12 II 1747 and was
thus about 19 when "Lolotte Forsberg" was born (in about 1766). Ulrike
Elisabet married, Stockholm 23 XII 1770, as his first wife, friherre
Charles De Geer af Leufsta (b. Leufsta 8 III 1747, d. Stockholm 13 I 1805),
had two daughters by him, and died in Uppsala on 19 V 1775. See
Elgenstierna II:214 and IV:637.

>By coincidence, in the same ES VIII on Tafel 160 is shown
>Count Gustaf Harald Stenbock, 1764-1833 and here he is married to
>Charlotta Forsberg, daughter of Erich Forsberg and Hedwig Charlotte
>d'Orchimont, and here she is born in 1766, and dies 7 January 1840.

They married in Stockholm on 25 IV 1799. They had one and only one child,
greve Magnus Albert Carl Gustaf Arvid Stenbock, born 22 IV 1800 at
Quedlinburg in Sachsen, and died at Copenhagen on 25 IV 1871. He married a
Countess Hamilton and had eight children, all of whom had Albert or
Albertine as one of their given names. See Elgenstierna VII:587-589, where
his descendants are traced to the 1930s.

>Can anyone confirm that this Frederica Charlotta Forsberg was a daughter of
>King Adolf Frederik?

There's some more detail in the article on her in volume 7 [1954] of
*Svenska Män och Kvinnor: Biografisk Uppslagsbok*, p. 205. About six
months after the Princess received the anonymous letter (1795), she
received another anonymous delivery, a collection of items (currently in
the Riksarkivet) including a second letter, all of which supported this
identification, but unfortunately nothing which provided clear and
convincing proof. The parentage of Lolotte Forsberg remains a mystery to
this day.

*Svenska Män och Kvinnor* cites A. Ahnfelt, "Ur svenska hofvets och
aristokratiens lif" (3-4, 1881) and "Hedvig Elisabeth Charlottas dagbok"
(utg. av Cecilia af Klercker, 5-6, 1923-27).

William Addams Reitwiesner

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