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Subject: Re: [trivvies] What did you want to be??
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 21:11:27 -0500
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wow Val that's quite a change but I bet you were very good at it - the
dressmaking I mean.

I wish I had been better equipped when I went out to find a job. It seemed
to be a foregone conclusion that you'd end up working in a bank if you were
lucky, or in a shop, or an office. There are so very many more interesting
prospects out there that I never knew existed when I could have done
something about it!

Oh well, as long as I'm gainfully employed in this day & age, I should not

I wanted to be a vet, my father said I was too soft with animals to
make a good vet! Probably right! I only knew I did not want to work in
an office, so mum suggested dressmaking. I went to college for two
years and learnt cutting and designing, then four years as an
apprentice and then worked for six years for a high class couturiere.
I then branched out on my own. I loved it !
Val xx
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> Unless you lived away from home there was not a whole lot of choice
> here in South Devon. The bus service into either Plymouth or
> where you may have found some veriety of work was almost
non-existant, ran
> twice a day I think. I don't think anyone from our small local
school ever
> made it as far as university, which is not really surprising as they
> ever taught the basics and classes were often of mixed ages. Girls
> were more or less expected to marry one of the young farm workers. I
> lucky enough to get a job in the local shop, and in fact worked
there until
> it eventually closed. By then transport was much better, people had
cars, and
> it was not really that far to the big supermarkets. Now the local
shop and
> the post office has gone, the village pub is fighting to stay open,
and one
> of the big businesses who took over many of the small farms has
opened a
> vegetable market, but not many go there as their prices are too
> I suppose if I had thought about it I would have liked a job where I
> have travelled a bit and seen some of the world, or even better
> someone rich and gone around the world first class :-)
> Gail
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