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From: "Sharon.D." <>
Subject: Re: [trivvies] memories
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 00:04:19 -0000
References: <019a01c2a5f5$f3dbe400$7dc40050@tiggy>

A good old fashioned psychologist will tell you that you probably can
remember as I think the actual age they give for young memories is 3 years
old upwards. Before that we can not apparently remember. Now there may be
some who will argue with that one, but as you sit reading cast your mind
back and I bet no matter how hard you try you cant go back before 3 years

Dont ask me why thats just the way we are made and its a really interesting
subject. I have one memory which when I told it to my mother she denied it,
but to this day I will swear that what I remember at about 3 years of age
was true.

Anyway keep sharing those memories Johno cause that was lovely to hear
Sharon xx

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